The 10 Best Makeup Brands For Black Women!!!

It’s no secret that women of color have some of the most beautiful skin tones around, but matching a foundation to those varied shades of brown, is not always the easiest task.

Forget about going to a drugstore to try to find a great foundation. They rarely cater to all of our complexions.

When attempting to find the perfect foundation, start first at the counter of your favorite cosmetic store opposed to your drugstore counter.  Here, a professional will be able to  test different shades on you and give you the scoop on what’s best for you.

Finding the right products can often be a grueling task. But not to worry– Juicy takes some of the guesswork out of foundation finding by giving you these top 10 makeup brands for black women.

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  • black up
    Black Up | Paris
    If you've been dying to bring some life to your skin, and make it look radiant, BLACK UP PARIS is the makeup brand for you. Designed for, and dedicated to women of color, all of BLACK UP's products are developed by a team of professional make up artists, and are specially formulated to meet the needs of women with deeper skin tones. The French make up brand is applauded for it's innovative creativity, in that, the line promotes the desire for creativity in makeup.
  • mac
    MAC is an absolute makeup powerhouse. The makeup brand has an impressive variety of pigmented foundations, eye shadows, and lip formulas that look great on women of color. We especially love the Paint Pot collection by MAC which is a highly pigmented eye color that comes in 16 different shades, all perfect for women of color.
  • covergirl
    Covergirl Queen Collection
    The COVER GIRL Queen Collection is one of the makeup lines that women of color can actually shop for at their local drug store. If you don't know already, this line was inspired by startlette QUEEN LATIFAH, and the makeup's deep, vibrant hues shine just as bright as their namesake. From the QUEEN COLLECTION, we especially love the natural Hue Bronzer, and the 1 Kit Eye Shadows. Take a gander at the QUEEN COLLECTION, and find what makes you look and feel like a queen.
  • iman
    When it comes to flawless, Black beauty IMAN COSMETICS is it! It only makes sense that a makeup line created by an international super model, would deliver such glamorous results. IMAN is perfect for the girl that wants to give full on glamour.
  • nars
    NARS cosmetics have a splendid selection of make up, specifically foundation, that are really great for women of color. What's also great about NARS' foundations in particular is the option of choosing a soft satin, or matte finish. We definitely reccomend NARS foundation for women of color.
  • l'oreal
    L'Oreal Paris
    LOREAL'S warm hues look amazing on brown girls. We especially love the Studio Secrets Shocking Shadows Pigments that come in a variety of bold colors that look great on brown skin tones.
  • aida
    It's no question that AIDA is a god-Send. Since women of color often suffer from sensitive skin, and dermatological issues, the fact that AIDA'S products are all hypoallergenic, fragrance free, allergy tested, and non-comedogenic, makes this makeup brand absolutely irresistible.
  • lamik
    LAMIK is all about eco-chic. LAMIK products include ingredients such as green tea, avocado oil, orange bitter extract, cucumber, and vitamins E and C that all promote healthy, supple skin. Additionally, their products are hypoallergenic, which is important for maintaining great, healthy skin.
  • fashion fair
    Fashion Fair
    For women of color, FASHION FAIR is almost a legendary, household name when it comes to cosmetics. For the past 38 years, FASHION FAIR has maintained longevity because of its exquisitely blended makeup that create luminous and natural looking finishes. One of their most innovative products are their concealers, which come in several different shades, perfect for blending with brown skin.
  • black opal
    Black Opal
    BLACK OPAL has mastered creating a natural look, even while wearing makeup. This line has beautiful neutral colors that instantly brighten the skin, and enhance natural beauty. We especially love their matte finish concealing foundation.
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  • chelsea

    What about Mineral Indulgence? I’ve been eyeing their site forever for another buy 1 get 1 free and am hoping they do a Black friday sale b/c their foundation is THE TRUTH. they claim to have the largest amount of mineral makeup products for black women available and the site and colors are GORGEOUS. Would LOVE to see an article on some of the more natural makeup lines for black women as well as swatches. I bought a sample kit from this line in cocoa, toffee, and mocha and I SWEAR by this stuff (specifically the cream foundation). I switched to this line (I wear mocha) and I’ve been a loyal mac wearer for the longest!  

  • Ct

    whats wrong with this site?

  • Jerry Dieball

    Well I never prefer going for an Black makeup for an eye,as I dont think it look good just applying an black eye liner would be much better.

    Nail Products Distributors

  • williamwalker91

    I had a lot of friends that used this make up in FL. I moved away to Canada. I now work with garage doors.

    William | Garage Doors Calgary

  • Hilary Kimbel

    This is great information! Thanks so much for sharing! Do you think that even shipping companies in Montreal handle shipments like this?

  • jonirochak

    Do you dream owning your own cosmetics and makeup store? Or is it skincare and makeovers? You can do it, with some time, effort, committment and planning. You don’t have to be a makeup artist or a savvy professional, it justs takes a lot of hard work.

  • Elijah Ali

    I hear that the better air filters you have in your home, the better it is for your skin. Is that true?

  • Jessica

    This is an awesome list! I didn’t know that there were this many lines to choose from. I bought samples from and they help black women create their OWN mineral makeup lines and natural hair product lines. They have a lot of products to choose from for private labeling and bulk and will customize if you want them to. My samples were just $4.00 and were generous in size. So far I’m in love with their cream foundation and lip glosses and the whipped hemp seed and amla jelly cream. Can’t wait to start my line and hopefully be well known like these other brands. :)

    • Dolores Brown

      I think sometimes it can be overwhelming to try and keep up with the current fashion. I’m always looking for affordable products like this. It’s still in fashion, but it won’t break my bank. I think it’s okay for girls to look for stuff like this. It’s not so important to have the most popular or expensive products.

  • Jen Kirk

    The main one I knew about was CoverGirl and their promotional items. I had no idea there were so many out there. Great stuff!

  • frannyjames91

    This is important for those that do maid services in Coquitlam. They want a make-up that will hold up to their job tasks. Nobody likes make up that runs or disappears easily.

  • Earl Judds

    These are some good ideas.My friend’s wife uses private label makeup brushes and that really helps as well.

  • Aaron Banks

    I would talk to some environmental consultants before trying any of these. I would be worried about the environmental impact.

  • Annie Green

    I will have to share this with my daughter, I think she would really like the MAC collection.

    Annie |

  • Charles

    Do you want to know something interesting about all of these makeup lines? I hear every one of them used a Toronto SEO service to get their websites ranked higher. That’s why they’re so successful.

  • Jensen

    I bet all of the people involved in this have custom fireplaces in their homes. You just know they all have mansions with the finest decor. I bet a nice fireplace is included in that!

  • Alexi Davenport

    I am going to be attending a make up school in Toronto next fall. I hope I get to learn all about these brands and people so that I can become a makeup artist for celebrities. That would be so cool!

  • Ashlee Lalor

    I like how they say don’t go to a drugstore when most of these are available at drugstores lol
    I use Iman: best make-up ever!!

  • Laurey Williams

    Finding good makeup lines is always such a challenge for me! I can never seem to find the perfect shade of foundation, or the right color of eye shadow to perfectly highlight my eyes. This is why I appreciate articles like this so much! This information was seriously helpful.

  • Ron Johnson

    I didn’t know that makeup lines affected different people that much. I guess that means that permanent makeup machines probably have different effects as well. I guess it makes sense since everyone has different skin.

    Ron Johnson |

  • Shelly Slader

    It’s important, especially when performing or being filmed, to have flawless makeup. I know a guy that makes corporate videos and I have seen the difference it can make. It’s especially important to make your eyes “pop” so people notice you more.
    Shelly Slader |

  • Chris

    would anyone know who that model is??

    • Jani

      her name is Maya and she is from Ethiopia

  • Slynn

    All of thoses are great lines of make up for us! Great selection!

  • Aaron Carter

    I think my wife needs to switch to some main stream make up brands. Anytime she starts sweating she looks like a smoky fireplace. There is make up and mascara everywhere.

    Aaron Carter |

  • CelineSand

    I’ve seen some girlfriends of mine use this Black Up before. Their skin literally glowed! It was amazing to see the before and after. I’m looking for this kind of makeup in a different shade that’s lighter. Any tips?
    Celine |

  • Kat Brennan

    I’ve heard really great things about Black Up. I wish I could get the same glow effect with my pale skin! I love playing around with makeup, so maybe I’ll try experimenting with different kinds to get the iridescent glow I’m striving for.

  • Suzan Reemy

    Hi every body,
    I used to have big problems with makeup products, but am getting in better shape now. Here’s a good site I found that really helped. It gave me great methods and skin care and showed me what I was doing wrong before…there’s even lots of free articles on the site…

  • Anne

    Does anyone know if the Black Up line can be found in Toronto and which stores

  • CelineSand

    I just heard of some newer products that my friend was using. I’m going to see if this dermatologist has them to put on before my makeup! I’m excited to have a glow to my skin with these ideas and tips!
    Celine |

    • Dolores Brown

      I think it’s really great that there are so many options for quality skin care products. Everyone is different and needs different products, and so it’s nice that they have different options depending on the scenario. That’s when you can tell it’s a good skin care product company.

  • kymstyle

    You forgot to mention Bobbi Brown cosmetic line. She has great foundations, powders, concealer’s, etc. that look great on women of color.

  • Suzan Reemy

    This is so good I want to use it everyday. The results were amazing, plus I know that it not only is making my skin look better and younger then ever it is helping repair old damage and keeping new damage from happening! Seeing such great results already so I wait to see how this effect will look after a couple of months of using!I have reached my sixties, and although I have been told that “I really look pretty good for my age” I am like most women at this stage in that I have not escaped the inevitable fine lines and the onset of wrinkles. I chose this year to do something with

  • Stylefabwill

    I really liked this article. Thx for the infos.
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  • Mike Lintro

    I know it is difficult for my sister in law to find good makeup. But thanks to the internet it isn’t to bad of a problem. Although after asking around she was able to find a few places in town that gave her good prices.

  • Reta

    The product came to me well and on time, without any problem, I’m already using and it works perfectly, totally recommend.See more Makeup brands

  • Edmond Vandergraff

    I’m going to have to suggest some of these brands to my wife. She has been having a hard time finding good makeup that will match her skin color. She thought that she needed to take a course on how to do her makeup, but I think that this would really help her.

  • Nora Moore

    That’s great that they are promoting products to help women get the right foundation match. That can make all the difference when you’re doing your makeup. How you present yourself is a big deal, especially to women. I wonder if Niki uses any of these products.

  • disqus_ZsmDHbsJLs

    Good over the counter brands are also “Black radiant” and “Iman” makeup is also good. I love my “Fashion Fair”-which is going through changes makeup still also.