Juicy’s Top 10 Beauty Trends Men Hate!!!

Last week, Juicy revealed the top beauty trends that  are the most appealing to the male eye.

However, not all beauty trends are created equal as there are also beauty trends that women love but make the men folk cringe.

This certainly doesn’t mean we should abandon all beauty trends that men hate, just because they hate them,  but some of the trends on the list may surprise you and have you rethinking that beauty style you think will catch his eye.

Check them out below:

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  • trendwhiteyeliner
    White Eyeliner
    Though black eyeliner often tends to go unnoticed, white eyeliner stands out. We love the white eyeliner look, it can add versatility to your look, and is perfect when your trying to get that baby doll pop.
    But be careful, use white eyeliner when you know what your doing, otherwise many men may think you are taking makeup another level - that they aren't willing to go.
  • trendblush
    Clown Blush
    Yes, we ladies know that slight color on the cheeks can emphasize our look and define our jawline. Men don't really get all the reasoning, but are cool with unless you go from blush to Bozo the clown. No man wants their girls blush to make them laugh.
  • trendcoloredmascara
    Colored Mascara
    Long, lush and full dark lashes are considered a plus, but similar to the bright bold eyeshadow colors, the colored mascara is usually something the fellas think you can do without.
  • trendbotox
    Botox Injections
    Women from different backgrounds and ages are starting to use botox to smoothen wrinkles or imperfections in their face. Despite what some women may think, it doesn't tend to make them look more appealing to males. In fact, most men are willing to put up with a little imperfection and don't care for botox which sometimes can make the skin look too tight and unnatural.
  • trendduckbill
    Super Long Nails
    For the most part, men prefer classy over flashy. Though trends like duck bill and stilleto nails are on trend, most men like well groomed hands that don't make them question, "How do they wipe themselves?"
  • trendfoundation
    Caked on Foundation
    We get it - sometimes you need to cover up those blemishes or want a smooth out your complexion. However, don't get carried away. Some beauty practices may slip under the radar, but caked on foundation is easily noticed and make men cringe.
  • trendboldeyeshad
    Bright, Bold Eye Shadow
    You may be tempted to experiment with bright eye shadows especially as spring and summer arrives, but the bright, crazy colors tend not to be a winner with the opposite sex.
    The brighter the colors the more makeup men think we have on, and usually for males less is more.
  • trendglitter
    Glitter Products
    Looks good on us, but they don't want it on them! Many beauty products offer extra glamour with glitter and it happens to be one of the biggest pet peeves of many men as glitter easily rubs off.
    However, most don't mind you using a little shimmer on the eye of face - as long it says on you.
  • trendlipstick
    Dark Lipstick
    The stars can get away with it, chances are you can't. Though to some, dark lipstick can be alluring and mysterious, men tend to hate this look and prefer softer, more feminine shades.
  • trendtweez
    The Raised Eyebrow
    While most men don't mind eyebrow grooming, they don't tend to care for the purposely penciled in thin eyebrows, especially the ones that look drawn on.
    In general, a good rule to follow is keeping your eyebrows neat and done, using eyebrow pencil subtlety when necessary.
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