Burberry Beauty Launches New Foundation for Women of Color!!!

In 2012, women of color have more brands catering to their unique skin care needs, and Burberry Beauty is just the latest company to launch foundation for darker skin tones.

The product line was originally released in 2010 but didn’t carry tones specifically for women of color.

Now the newest launch introduces shades named Trench No. 10, 11, 12 and 13 in liquid and compact foundations, and now offers concealers in Amber No. 5, Hazelnut No. 6, Walnut No. 7 and Mahogany No. 8.

FOXY said it was “necessary we stay in Burberry,” but Burberry beauty doesn’t run cheap. Both the concealers and foundations retails  for an average $40 – $55 each.

However the benefits are a foundation that’s sheer, light, and provides UV protection while flawlessly covering and blending imperfections on your face.

The new shades can be purchases at Burberry Beauty’s web site, Saks Fifth Avenue, and/or Nordstrom.

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