The Best BB Creams For Women Of Color!!!

It’s no secret that tinted moisturizers, also known as BB Creams or Beauty Balms, are taking over the make-up scene as the new and improved way to flawlessly give your skin the look of natural coverage.

Whether worn alone or under your favorite foundation BB Creams are a great way to moisturize, hydrate, prime, and cover imperfections.

However, like most cover-up products and brands marketed for women of color, finding one that compliments brown skin can be difficult.

So before you go trying every cosmetic line on the market looking to find the perfect tint to fit your shade of brown, Juicy has compiled a list of our favorite BB creams known to work for darker skin tones.

Thank us later…

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  • Smashbox
    SMASHBOX Camera Ready BB Cream - Dark
    SMASHBOX promises to Prime, Prefect, Hydrate, Protect, and Control Oil. And we must admit, it really does yield results!
    Made in a true dark shade for dark skin tones, this BB Cream also evens out skin tones, improves moisture, protects against UVA/UVB rays, and minimizes shine. <em>1oz, $39,</em>
  • iman-bb-cream
    IMAN BB Cream
    You know your getting a quality product when it's created by Supermodel IMAN. Recently the cosmetic mogul launched a BB Creme line for women of color, and we live for it!
    Available in six lovely shades this Beauty Balm must-have is infused with licorice root extract and vitamin C to combat hyper pigmentation. <em>1oz, available this December,</em>

  • maybelline
    MAYBELLINE Dream Fresh BB Cream - Deep
    If you thought you had to break the bank to find a decent BB Cream that will provide flawless coverage, think again!
    MAYBELLINE'S Dream Fresh BB Cream not only comes in a Juicy deep shade, but this reasonably priced 8-In-1 Skin Perfecter combines skin care and make-up in 1 simple step. <em>1.09oz, $9, available at mass retailers and drugstores. </em>
  • TooFacedBBCream
    TOO FACED Tinted Beauty Balm Multi-Benefit Skin Care Makeup - Beach Glow
    As women of color, we come in all different shades and tones, but If you consider yourself to be a light or carmel-skinned girl then you have to take advantage of TOO FACED BB Cream shade - Beach Glow.
    Although it's the 'darkest' shade in the bunch, all shades aside, this Beauty Balm acts as one of the best skin primers to use underneath foundation for a smooth and flawless finish. <em>1.5oz, $32,available at Ulta.</em>
  • comodynes bb cream
    COMODYNES BB Color Skin Perfector: 6 in 1
    Although not available until this winter, COMODYNES Urban Cosmetics put a spin on the term BB, with the launch of their new Blemish Balm (BB) Cream known to moisturize, prevent wrinkles, reduce pores, prevent aging, illuminate skin, and protect against UVA/UVB rays.
    We've had the privilege of trying it out ladies, and we must say besides discrepancies in the dark being dark enough, the cream is one of our favs! <em> 1.35oz, $27, available this winter 2012/13,</em>

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  • Julia Carlson

    My friend has brown skin and she always tells me how hard it is to find the right foundation. I will have to show her this article! It looks like it goes on so beautifully. She would definitely be willing to give these a try. And she can find them at retail stores! What a bonus.

  • Thiago

    I would go retail shopping to get that for my wife. She’s always worried about her skin. She just got into essential oils and all that stuff. Thiago |