Lip Trends: 8 Lipstick Colors Perfect For Every Skin Tone!!!

Have you ever been nervous to buy a lip color shade because you didn’t know if it would complement your skin tone?

No worries, it happens to the best of us.  Especially when women of color have been categorized to only look their best when adorning certain nude shades.

However, Juicy girls are breaking color barriers when it comes to their pouts, and if you don’t believe us, just watch….the way celebrities like RIHANNA, KERRY WASHINGTON, and NICKI MINAJ often switch up their lip color with confidence.

Regardless if your into shades of pinks, purples, reds, or vibrant colors, it’s all about finding the right shade and brand to bring your overall look together.

So check out these 8 surefire Juicy lip shades that will compliment your pout, regardless of skin tone!

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  • isolated-red-lipstick
    Some of our favorite shades of red are....
  • lipstick queen Medieval
    LIPSTICK QUEEN: Medieval
    Although A$AP ROCKY recently claimed dark-skin women shouldn't wear red lipstick, we've all seen a red lip at it's finest on all shades of women. But if your still on the fence, let Juicy convince you to try <strong>LIPSTICK QUEEN'S Medieval </strong>.
    This sheer, sexy hint of flattering red was made specifically to flatter all skin complexions while giving your lips that "just bitten" look. <em>12oz, $18,</em>
  • Loreal Beyonce Red
    LOREAL'S Infallible Never Fail Lipcolour Stars Collection:Beyonce's Red
    For a bolder, more vibrant, sexier red lip, pick up <strong> LOREAL'S Infallible Never Fail Lipcolour Stars Collection - BEYONCE'S Red</strong>.
    Inspired by Mrs. Carter, this red shade is guaranteed to last up to 16 hours while ensuring comfortable color that won’t flack or fade out mid-lip. <em>.77oz, $12, available at mass retailers and drugstores.</em>
  • pinks
    Get into these shades of pink...
  • MAC-Viva-Glam-Ricky-Nicki-2012-Lipstick
    M∙A∙C VIVA GLAM: Nicki Lipstick
    Tap into your inner diva with NICKI MINAJ'S limited-edition pink shade, <strong>VIVA GLAM: Nicki Lipstick.</strong>
    With pink shades ranging to everything from bubblegum pink to magenta, you simply can't go wrong with adding a playful pink shade to your collection. It's a Juicy girl favorite! <em> 0.1oz, $15,</em>
  • MAC CandyYum-Yum
    M∙A∙C Lipstick: Candy Yum-Yum
    No Juicy girls lipstick stock is complete until you treat your lips to <strong>M∙A∙C's ever popular Candy Yum Yum</strong>, and super eye grabbing neon pink shade.
    From the fairest of skin to the darkest, this pink promises to be a winner. <em> 0.1oz, $15, </em>
  • purplelipsticks
    Check out our favorite purple hues...
  • Smashbox Vivid Violet
    SMASHBOX Be Legendary Lipstick: Vivid Violet
    A pop of purple is a must for any Juicy girl looking to accentuate her pout at the office, for an event, or even on date night! For a show-stopping matte finish we recommend <strong>SMASHBOX'S Be Legendary Lipstick in a Vivid Violet</strong> shade.
    Enriched with shea butter for lasting lip moisture, this shade is a must-have! <em>0.1oz, $19,</em>
  • Butter London Wine Gums
    butter LONDON LIPPY Liquid Lipstick: Wine Gums
    If you live for a glossier look, but still want to rock that plum pout, try <strong>butter LONDON'S LIPPY Liquid Lipstick: Wine Gums.</strong>
    This long-lasting lip gloss will leave your your lips soft, voluptuous, and using the right shade of purple! <em>0.24oz, $18,</em>
  • Vibrant lip colors
    Throw a wild card into your makeup box with these shades...
  • Bombshell
    In a lip shade rut? Mix it up by experimenting with <strong>MILAN ROWE'S Bombshell.</strong>
    This bright orange lipstick has a sexy hint of gold shimmer, a perfect hue to compliment your spring and summer style! <em>0.15oz, $14,<em/>
  • kaoir-kaoir-doll
    KA`OIR Lipstick Collection: Doll
    You've might of seen AMBER ROSE or TEYANA TAYLOR rock a fierce blue pout, and now you can swagger jack their style with KA`OIR'S extremely bright blue lipstick <strong> KA`OIR DOLL</strong>.
    Don't be scared. This shade isn't about complexion, it's about confidence, and can go for any Juicy lady willing try anything once!<em> .40z, $18,</em>

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