Get Some R&R With MSC Skin Care + Home’s Massage & Body Oil!!!

What It Is: Massage and body oil

What it does: Makes you feel all kinds of good during a rub down and reduces inflammation

What We Know: When you can’t get to the spa for a rub down, ask your sweetie to knead those stress knots with msc skin care + home’s Arnica Montana Infused Massage + Body Oil. It’s a super light treat made with all-natural ingredients, like lavender, clove and ylang ylang. The real benefit is that the arnica montana herb reduces sore muscle pain and inflammation. 8 oz., $22,

The Juicy Opinion: “Let’s just say a rub down with this lil’ goodie will lead to something else. Wink. Wink.” -@TaiiaSmartYoung

12 Responses to “Get Some R&R With MSC Skin Care + Home’s Massage & Body Oil!!!”

    • Bob Strong

      This seems like a nice alternative to other muscle relaxers. It is even better for the skin. I’m going to check with a Dermatologist first, but this could be just what I need after long runs.

  1. Thiago

    Wow, this just reminded me how long it’s been since I’ve had a real massage. I’ll have to fix that soon. It’s probably been even long for my wife, and that just won’t do. We’ll definitely look into the body oil, too, thanks for sharing it! Thiago |

  2. Edmond Vandergraff

    I have never gotten a facial massage before, but I think it would feel so great. I have always put some oils on my face every night to prevent acne, but have never gotten it massaged. Does it really help get rid of wrinkles or is that just a myth?

  3. Bob Strong

    So this is great for the skin? I have been looking for something that well help sooth my skin after long workouts. This sounds like it would be perfect for that. I’m going to ask my Dermatologist about it.


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