Banish Ingrown Hair With Gigi’s No Bump Collection!!!

ingrownhairThe threat of ingrown hair is enough to make a Juicy lady consider rocking an “au naturale” body hair look all year round. Unless you’re full of confidence, like comedian MO’NIQUE, rocking body hair  is definitely out of the question, especially with summer quickly approaching.

The formation of ingrown hairs can be decreased with proper skincare maintenance before, during and after hair removal.

Developing when hair close to the skin forms inward and begins to grow within the hair follicle. Also occurring when dead skin cells block the hair follicle from opening, ingrown hairs plague Juicy ladies that shave, wax and use hair removal creams.

Appearing as small, hard bumps under the skin, ingrown hairs can be removed easily with tweezers but can result in death if left untreated and encourages the development of a bacterial infection.

Beauty brand Gigi developed their No Bump Collection to help in the prevention of ingrown hairs. Simply adding these four products to your skincare routine can drastically decrease and in some cases eliminate the formation of ingrown hairs.

At least 48-hours prior to hair removal, massage Gigi’s No Bump Body Scrub into the skin. Recommended to be used both before and after hair removal, this exfoliating scrub helps loosen dead skin cells, preventing hairs from inevitably becoming trapped.

Next, apply take a warm shower and apply Gigi’s No Bump Shave Gel. The warmth of the shower will naturally soften the hair making it easier to come out while the precision gel allows for a close shave and retains moisture often loss while shaving.

At the conclusion of your hair removal process, apply a topical treatment like Gigi’s No Bump Solution or Roll On Gel. Enriched with glycerin and salicylic acid, these treatments unclog pores while soothing skin left irritated during the hair removal process.

Pesky ingrown hairs don’t have to be the pain in the neck that they’re set out to be. Adequate skincare maintenance, with the help of products like Gigi’s No Bump Collection, can help banish ingrown hairs for once and for all.

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  • kcompars

    Having ingrown hairs is one of the most irritating things to me. I would really like to permanently get rid of my hair. It would be nice to never have an ingrown hair again.