Juicy Webstar: How To Make Your Own Lipstick!!

myol1Name: Kim

YouTube Channel: TheChicNatural

Instagram: TheChicNatural

Why We Love This: With some lipstick hues going for nearly $20 a pop, YouTube natural hair and beauty expert, KIM, delivers a simple budget friendly tutorial that will help unlesh the D-I-Y queen waiting to run free within most Juicy ladies.

Photo Source: Startraks Photo

One Response to “Juicy Webstar: How To Make Your Own Lipstick!!”

  1. Tony De Azevedo

    My wife has a really hard time putting on her own lipstick, so I have to help her most of the time. She is planning on going to cosmetology school in a couple of months, so hopefully she’ll learn how to do her own makeup better there. I’ll have to share this video with her though. http://www.schoolsofcosmetology.com/THG_Cosm.html


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