Skincare Talk With Adina Diaz!!!

-1The shift from spring to summer is the perfect time to revamp your skincare regimen.

Knowing which products to use regularly and which ones to swap out for the new season can make all the difference between a vibrant summer glow and dried cracked sun burned skin.

Juicy recently caught up with skincare guru Adina Diaz for some skincare talk. With a background in medical and holistic skincare, Diaz gave us the deets on summertime beauty do’s and don’ts.

Juicy: Juicy: Give us some background about your journey into the beauty business?
Adina Diaz: I have been in the industry for about eight years now. I started out in Tuscan Arizona and I went to a holistic skin care school. I originally started out in spas and hotels and gradually I went to a med-spa, dermatologist then plastic surgeons with the combination of the medical knowledge and the holistic knowledge combined together I’m able to achieve the best results for my patients and clients.

Juicy: Now that the seasons are changing, what tips can you share to help Juicy ladies achieve bright glowing skin this summer?
AD: First and foremost, it’s all about the water intake. Drinking half of your body weight it will naturally clear out the toxins in your body and with the sun and the environmental damages that we constantly have to battle, you’re going to be protected so that’s going to be your first line of defense. Second also is going to be SPF, SPF, SPF. With the sun rays not only being stronger and more intense but also out longer, you have to be protected throughout the whole day. I suggest things like L-ascordic acid that’s going to help produce collagen it’s going to protect you from free radicals and it’s also going to be a super antioxidant packed serum. Also during the summertime I really highly suggest for people to do an exfoliant because you can be wearing as much lotion as you want but you’ll never have glowing dewy skin unless you exfoliate and that’s for all skin types.

Juicy: What’s the one beauty tool you can’t live without?
AD: I’m a big fan of that’s been around for about 7 years now, the clarisonic I highly recommend that. I love the clarisonic. I’ve been using it religiously since I got it six years ago. I 100% recommend for women to get on the band wagon. It’s an investment but it’s one of those things in your cupboard that you need and want, there’s a warranty for crying out loud. I love it so much that I always preach to people. Even though the clarisonic is about $145 for a tiny brush vs a $40 over the counter it’s still the technology and you pay for what you get.

Juicy: What can Juicy ladies do to make sure their makeup lasts during the summer?
AD: There is a couple things that I recommend first and foremost is having a nice hydrating serum. Hyaluronic acid is definitely an amazing serum to having during the summer, it’s going to help hydrate you during the day without making you feel oily. When it comes to makeup too during the summer it’s about powders honestly because you do feel a little oily and the powder is going to help keep some of that oil down.

Juicy: Why is it better for your skin to use all natural makeup products, like Lotus Moon or Plain Jane Beauty?
AD: Everything is going green. It’s a movement. With products like Lotus Moon, you can get all of the medical grade ingredients naturally, who doesn’t want that and it’s the price point is going to meet you. You can get natural organic products that are medical grade that are active that can do what they say while you’re preventing toxins from going from your face down into the sink down into the drain into the rivers, into the oceans back up into the sky and back up into our system.

Juicy: What’s one hidden beauty secret that you use during the summer?
AD: I always use is the toilet seat covers that’s inside the bathroom. You rip off a little corner and you blot yourself down and while your oil is done and you keep it moving. That’s the oldest trick in the book.

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  • Cynthia Rose

    I love how you go back to the basics when dealing with skin care. Drinking half my body weight in water each day is something that I have been neglecting quite a bit lately. I will take your advice on the all natural products as well. I am always so hesitant simply because I was unsure how they would compare, but I need to do what is best for me.
    Cynthia |

  • Anita Mas

    I never would have thought to use toilet seat covers like that. Now that’s using your resources. It’s clever.

    Anita Mas |

  • Anita Mas

    I’ve been wanting to help my skin out a bit. I’m a big fan of having it be a natural help. I don’t really like chemicals for my skin.

    Anita Mas |

  • Elisa Jed

    Did she mention anything about laser face rejuvenation? I am curious to see what a skin care professional thinks about it. I have heard a lot. Does it really work on the skin?

    Elisa Jed |

  • Jayden Eden

    I may have to try some of the tips she is mentioning. I have had many problems with acne my whole life. Can anyone give me advice on what would help my skin?
    Jayden Eden |

  • Helen Malingo

    Thank you for sharing the natural skincare remedies and the products you use. Also, the girl’s skin in the first photo on this page is one of the best complexions I’ve ever seen. You said you recommend using Lotus Moon or Plain Jane make up. Where could I purchase some of these makeup brands?

  • Jake Jamison

    My girlfriend is always looking for ways to improve her skin. I will have to refer her to some of these natural remedies. We are trying to make an effort to use less artificial chemicals and ingredients in our everyday lives. Along those lines, we are also hoping to find hair salons and skin care centers that try to use natural products as well. It is just a simple way we are trying to be economically and environmentally smart with our purchases.

  • Nora Moore

    I don’t think people realize how important water is for your skin. I’m glad that she brought that up. Taking care of your skin is so important. It can make you look healthy or sick, depending on how it looks.

  • kcompars

    It is always nice to get more advice on how to take care of your skin. My daughter is starting to have issues with acne so I am trying to help her as best as possible. I wonder if it would help taking her to see a dermatologist too.