Smooth It Out With Su-Kari Body Butter!!!

sukaripsWhat It Is: Sweet scented body butter

What It Does: Moisturizes skin

What We Know: Looking for supple skin that smells sweet as your favorite scent? Look no further than Su-Kari’s Body Butter. This creamy butter nourishes the skin leaving a smooth shiny finish. Infused with Shea butter and jojoba oil, this luscious body butter is just as good for your skin as it feels.

The Juicy Opinion: Su-Kari hit the mark with their new body butter. My fave, peaches and cream, hydrates skin like it’s nobody’s and  leaves my skin smelling like the sweet peach in the bunch. Su-Kari Body Butter, $15.99, Available at


  • Jobella84

    Yes!! This brand is the best! I have tried several of their products and have never been disappointed. They use the best ingredients and scents are to die for. My skin got so much better after using their products.

  • Aaron Carter

    My wife uses this stuff religiously. She also has a power scrubber that scraps all the dead skin off. I don’t know how it all works, but she looks radiant.

    Aaron Carter |