Spring Sass: Nail the B.Y.T.C.H Nail Lacquers!!!

Spring is arriving and that means we get to shed those layers, take strolls in the park and swap out those winter nail colors for something more bright and lively.

Enter Nail the B.Y.T.C.H‘s line of nail lacquer. Cousins Lanaia Edwards and Jennifer Smith started the Chicago-based brand in October 2010, creating the acronym motto, “Be Your True Creative Heroine.”

Offering an array of funky nail shades, with even funkier names like their soft pink “Cup My Cakes,” the Nail the B.Y.T.C.H lacquers are “3 Free.”

Meaning they do not contain the three popular but harmful ingredients that many nail polishes have which are: Formaldehyde, Toluene and Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP).

And at $6.00 a pop, these little bytchies are a steal! Web editor, Shirea L. Carroll has already stamped them Juicy Certified!

“The colors offered, you are not going to find anywhere, plus the polish is long lasting. What more could you ask for,” Carroll says.

Nail the B.Y.T.C.H nail lacquers are available in select nail salons and beauty supply stores. You can also purchase the products and view the collection at www.nailthebytch.com

  • Susan

    Glad Juicy is catching on!  I love these polishes!  My fav all winter has been Jelly Jeans Queen, but my new Spring colour is the Pretty Slick Bytch!  love it!

  • AC

    This polish is the best kept secret yet! I absolutely love it.

  • Theamwashington


  • Sweetheart Chic

    Cant see the collection. The link goes to north face online?