Got A Minute?: Pooch Hall

On The Game, he’s the sexy San Diego Saber, Derwin Davis, and in real life he’s a husband and hottie with a heart—with a set of drool-worthy abs. Juicy chats it up with Pooch Hall to find out his nipples, assault charges, and how he got that name.

JUICY: Your birth name is Marion, where did the nickname Pooch come from?
POOCH HALL:  I’ve been Pooch since I was in my mama’s pooch. My Mom called me Pookie and my Dad called me Poochie. [Laughs] That’s what my mother told me. That’s the name I’ve always known.

JUICY: Do you have any fetishes?
PH: Yes, I like when [my wife] plays with my ears and rubs my nipples.

JUICY: Oh, really? Do tell. So share one of your sexy guilty pleasures with us.
PH:  I got like a few of them. I would have to say…shop. [Laughs] I’m going to keep it rated PG after the nipple thing!

JUICY: What’s one of the wildest things a fan has ever done?
PH:  A fan sent me some underwear. Another had her kid’s hair cut just like mine. I think that’s dope… I have a lot of people looking up to me, especially the kids. I would never want to disappoint them. I try to let everybody know that I appreciate them. I try to look at everybody as an equal so they never feel like they can’t be themselves around me.

JUICY: Tell us a secret—and make it a good one.
PH:  I did four-and-a-half months [in a juvenile facility] as a kid. I got into a real bad fight. Got charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, but it really wasn’t like that. I was jumped. That’s one of the reasons I box, so I wouldn’t fight in the street. If we’re going to fight, we’re going to do it legally. It opened my eyes to say, “Hey, this is not how I want my life to go.” I made a wrong choice when I was 16 years old and I learned from that…you learn from your mistakes. That’s how I’ve grown into the man I am today.


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