Loose Lips!! Loose Lips!! Loose Lips!!

Celebrities say the darndest things!

What happens when you put a blackberry equipped with Uber Twitter in a celebrity’s hand? Pure comedy! Unfortunately, one habit celebs and common folk do share is using Twitter as a vehicle to fly off the handle, address the haters, and share thoughts that really should’ve stayed in their heads. And we capture our favorites every week!


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  • rihanna-drunk-wasted--large-msg-125993127066
    Rihanna (@rihanna)
    "I swear to Drunk, I'm not GOD!!!"
  • HIGH1
    Lil Wayne (@LilTuneChi)
    "U know what? What? I don't know,that's why I asked u!"
  • bill-oreily-50-cent
    50 Cent (@50cent)
    "Now I'm gonna offer a definition of a BITCH bill O' reilly can understand in 2004 when Andrea Mackris accused you of sexual harassment"
  • lil-bow-wow
    Bow Wow (@BowWow)
    "Since maf%$as wanna be pu%#y's and fake tweet fake statements how bout i just shut down my twitter. You can thank the dumb f#$ks for it!"