Go Figure: R. Kelly’s New Album Titled ‘Black Panties’

In non-shocking news:

R. KELLY has named his upcoming album Black Panties.

The singer explained  to Chicago’s WCGI radio that for his tenth he’ll return to the R&B roots of his debut album 12 Play, rather than all that soul he recorded on his last album Love Letter. Which loosely means more freaky music, and less love tunes.

“I just did the whole Love Letter joint and everybody’s thinking, ‘That’s the direction he’s going now’,” he told American  WCGI. “No, that was just a moment in time, just like ‘Ignition’ and ‘Bump N’ Grind’. Now this Black Panties is the new 12 Play.”

Now that R. Kelly has successfully recovered from an emegency throat surgery to remove a cyst on his tonsils, he should be good to go.

Welcome back Kellz! Someone needs to give TREY SONGZ some competition!


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