Got A Minute?: Malika Haqq

Actress MALIKA HAQQ, guest star of E!’s Khloe and Lamar is most known for her bff relationship with entertainment mogul KHLOE KARDASHIAN. But there is more to her than being a Khloe’s sista girl, HAQQ gets honest about acting, relationships and regrets.

JUICY:  You’re on the reality show Khloé & Lamar; do you watch reality TV?
MALIKA HAQQ:  I do! I have a little reality TV bug, even though I don’t watch that much TV. I love The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The fact that they are close knit family they remind me of my life, without all the drama.

JUICY:  Since you quit being Khloé’s assistant to return to acting, what’s your immediate goal?
MH:   My main focus is to get back into features. Some of my proudest work are the films that I’ve done. My biggest hurdle was that my career beganand flourished the most with my twin sister, and then he went off and got married and had a baby. I basically went from one security blanket to the next. So from my sister and then my other sister which is Khloe, I kind of shacked up with her. As I got older, I realized that this is what I want to do with the rest of my life because I have a passion for acting, and it’s what I love and I feel the best doing. I had to get to a place that I was gonna push myself to do it by myself. Last year I did the movie Somebody Help Me 2 with CHRIS STOKES and MARQUES [HOUSTON] and OMARION, and that was my first major jump to realizing that I am extremely capable of this doing this by myself, but it was very difficult to walk away from the consistent job that I had.

JUICY: Your last name, what’s the origin?
MH: It is Arabic name. Obviously I have my father’s last name, but he’s not in my life – so I never really take the time to explain it. I get a lot of questions about my name like am I Musilm and all those things. I am Christian, and I try not to focus on it too much. I am a lover. I love God and I leave it at that.

JUICY:  You were intimate with Rob Kardashian, but things got messy. Are you guys still friends?
MH:  Robert and I are definitely friends. We are the closest that we can probably ever be, but the flirtatious nature that we had isn’t at the forefront at this time.

JUICY:  Is there pressure for you to get hitched and have children?
MH:  With KIM [KARDASHIAN] getting married this year, I’m the last one of the crew that doesn’t have a baby, doesn’t have a man… I just want a successful relationship that just works and I want it to last.

JUICY: Do you want the career or the relationship more?
MH: That’s an interesting question, because my focus is on my career, but oh, how I would love to be in a successful relationship that does nothing but complement and support what I do in my career.


  • Dodgegurl31

    How about that Typo in the area asking about Malika being Khloe’s assistant you wrote “He” when referring to Malika’s twin sister. This is what was wrote. ” My career beganed florished with my twin sister. And than he went off and got married and had a baby.” it should say she went off and got married……”