Then and Now: Jon B.

Remember JON B., the man of all our interracial fantasies?

His commercially successful single, “They Don’t Know,” sold over a million copies and made him a go from R&B affiliated to R&B certified. Born Johnathan Buck in Rhode Island, the R&B singer was raised in Pasedena, CA  where he started singing at age four.

After shipping demos around in 1992, JON B. caught the attention of TRACEY EDMONDS and was contracted as a songwriter for her current ex-husband, KENNETH “BABYFACE” EDMONDS.

After gaining writing credits for  COLOR ME BADD,  TONI BRAXTON, MICHAEL JACKSON, and others, JON B returned back in the studio in 2010 to release on his seventh album to date, Comfortable Swagg, dropping the single “Body Language,” late last year.

After time off from a divorce and other personal issues, JON B is re-married and has a daughter. Although Jon B says he now makes music for his family, Comfortable Swagg will celebrate his journey as a family man, and finally release Nov 2011.

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  • Nikitra Simply-Gorgeous Pace

    Omg, he was soo sexy! And someone that alot of women fantasized about. 
    And now he’s let him self go. In these 2 pics you can tell the difference and how age got to him. It’s okay though i still like him and his music!  

    • Darrell London Sr

      someone down below said he let his self go youre crazy when he was
      singing he looked like the 90,s the look he has now is for the 2000,s
      example look at your baby pictures and how adorable you were and look at
      you now no more adorable but they said it all the time when you were a
      kid, and look at you now no more adorable you cant even get someone to
      clean a bowel movement off you

  • Kristie Ann

    Come back Jon B!

  • SexyRican

    Omg I miss this man so much, that was when real music was being made! Not now with all this crap

  • Laurey

    Thanks so much for sharing this! Do you think that vaser lipo in Chicago could be dangerous? I have been looking into that…

  • Taneka

    I seen him back in 1999 when i say he is a bad man i will go see him anytime