Baddd Bunnies: Playboy’s 10 Sexiest Black Playmates!!!

It’s adios for NBC’s The Playboy Club. Low ratings and a leeeeetle too much swagger jacking  kept NBC’s new marquee show from getting past episode 3. But it was enough time for us to get acquainted with NATURI NAUGHTON as Bunny Brenda, the only Black bunny in the Playboy Club.

The feisty playmate with hopes of becoming Playboy’s first ever Black centerfold got us thinking: Who was the first Black centerfold? Have there been many? And who were the sexiest??

So JUICY took a look at all of Playboy’s past playmates of color and selected the 10 sexiest from over the years. Check out the baddest bunnies inside…







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  • 10. Jennifer Jackson , Miss March 1965
    Jennifer Jackson- Miss March 1965
    You always respect the first. J. Jackson was the standard of sexy for future playmate hopefuls and served as inspiration for Naturi’s character when she became the first African American to be a Playboy centerfold in March 1965.
  • 1. Venice Kong , September 1985
    Venice Kong- September 1985
    When Venice Kong first came to America, she had culture shock so bad she says she barely left her room for over a month.

    A native-born Jamaican, Venus told Playboy magazine that Chicago was too cold-- literally and figuratively for her. However she found refuge as a Bunny. Her mother and aunts had been Bunnies at the Playboy Club resorts in Jamaica, so following in their footsteps seemed almost natural, and extremely beneficial.

    Within months of becoming a Bunny, Venice was a playmate of the month, living a much happier life in LA. Props to Playboy.
  • 2. Reneé Tenison, November 1989, Playmate of the Year 1990
    Reneé Tenison- November 1989 & Playmate of the Year 1990
    A day after losing the 1988 Miss Idaho USA pageant, Reneé got a call to be in Playboy. A twin, and the daughter of one of the few interracial couples in the state of Idaho, nearly everyone at Playboy spoke of a certain je ne sais quoi Renee possessed. The same interesting aura and swagger that propelled her to become Playboy’s first ever black Playmate of the Year in 1990.
  • 5. Stephanie Adams, November 1992
    Stephanie Adams- November 1992
    Despite um you know, posing in Playboy, Stephanie Adams says she is really turned off by guys who only like her for her looks. But to be fair, she does have other talents, successful author of a series of supernatural and occult analysis books being one of them. Superstitious and sexy; sounds a little zany, but we like it.
  • 9. Elan Carter, June 1994
    Elan Carter- June 1994
    During her Playboy interview in '94, Elan described her perfect man as “honest, sensitive, honest, polite, and classy” – a lot like her father, founding Temptations member Otis Williams. But this ain’t about pops. With her beautiful caramel complexion and out-of-this-world legs, all the spotlight’s on Ms. Carter.
  • 6. Karin Taylor, June 1996
    Karin Taylor- June 1996
    Karin Taylor’s poppin', and she knows it: “I’m about two self help books away from being perfect,” Taylor told Playboy magazine back in her ’96 interview, “…that will have to do for now.” Call it conceit, cockiness, self-assurance, but ask yourself how you’d be acting if you were 34-23-34.
  • 8. Daphneé Lynn-Duplaix, July 1997
    Daphneé Lynn-Duplaix- July 1997
    Daph Duplaix’s done a good job of staying in the limelight. Since Sylvester Stallone told the then on-set extra to begin aiming for major acting roles, Daphnee’s kept a pretty busy resume. Look close and you’ll see the Haitian-Italian in everything from Dharma & Greg, The Parkers, and CSI: NY to The Fighting Temptations. Centerfold to silver screen? Not bad at all.
  • 4. Neferteri Shepherd, July 2000
    Neferteri Shepherd- July 2000
    Egyptian for “here comes the beautiful one,” Neferteri was pretty much expected from birth to be gorgeous. Good thing she didn’t disappoint. The New Orleans native appreciates her beauty and despite early insecurities, loves to show it off: “after posing for Playboy, my confidence has boosted. I see nudity as art, depending on how it is presented,” Shepherd revealed to the magazine after her shoot.
  • 3. Qiana Chase, July 2005
    Qiana Chase- July 2005
    Like Bunny Brenda, Qiana Chase strived to be Playmate of the Year and own as much property as possible. She didn’t get the former, and honestly we have no clue how the other is going either, but we do know she loves the club, likes to party in eight (gulp) inch heels, and has probably the best legs of anyone on this list.
  • 7. Ida Ljungqvist, March 2008; Playmate of the Year 2009
    Ida Ljungqvist- March 2008 & Playmate of the Year 2009
    Discovered by 2007 Playmate of the Year Sara Jean Underwood, Ida Ljungqvist, is more than just a gal about town, The daughter of a UNICEF worker, the Tanzanian-born Ida lived in Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Cambodia, and Vietnam before she was 18. She also speaks 4 languages, and has a knack for writing comedic short stories. Oh yeah, and she was playmate of the year in 2009. Go, Cinderella!