Ballin’: Forbes’ List of Highest Earning Women in Entertainment!!!

Financial magazine Forbes recently published its annual list of highest paid women in entertainment. The list, based on earnings made from May 2010 to May 2011,  and to no surprise  even without a show, OPRAH WINFREY falls at the top of the list with an estimated net worth of $2.7 billion.

But, the big O better watch her back – there’s one queen that’s hot on WINFREY’s trail for the number one spot.

Click below to see who is on OPRAH’s heels (and no, it isn’t BEYONCE).

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  • danielle-steele-profile
    #10 Danielle Steele
    <h1>$35 million</h1>
  • beyonce
    #9 Beyonce
    <h1>$35 million</h1>
  • Katy+Perry++Glamour+2010
    #8 Katy Perry
    <h1>$44 million</h1>
  • taylor-swift-25
    #7 Taylor Swift - $45 million
    <h1>$45 million</h1>
  • Gisele-Bundchen-things-you-must-know
    #6 Gisele Bundchen
    <h1>$45 million</h1>
  • The Colosseum at Caesars Palace
    #5 Ellen Degeneres
    <h1>$45 million</h1>
  • 340x_judgejudy
    #4 Judge Judy - $45 million
    <h1>$45 million</h1>
  • Apollo Theater 75th Anniversary Gala - Arrivals
    #3 Bethenney Frankel - $55 million
    <h1>$55 million</h1>
  • lady gaga
    #2 Lady Gaga
    <h1>$90 million</h1>
  • oprah-winfrey-ending-show-211x300
    #1 Oprah Winfrey
    <h1>$290 million</h1>