Nene Leakes Opens Her Own Restaurant!!!

So although our girl NENE LEAKES didn’t get her own reality show like castmates KANDI BURRESS and KIM ZOLCIACK, the most popular Real Housewife of Atlanta is still making moves.

The next time you and your girls are in the Sacramento International airport, stop by Famous Famiglia, a  new franchise restaurant owned by Real Housewives of Atlanta star NENE LEAKES.

The restaurant opens today and will be serving pasta and pizza on the menu – nothing to fabulous or to ‘hood but we highly doubt Ms. NENE will actually eat there.

A a part of the Famous Famiglia Pizzeria chain, this is an interesting venture the ex-Celebrity Apprentice contestant can add to her resume (right in before stripper).

Our question is what does a Black woman from the South really know about Italian food, except how to eat it? #shade

28 Responses to “Nene Leakes Opens Her Own Restaurant!!!”

    • Bob Strong

      I highly doubt that she will be posting the recipes. A friend told me that she hired a great chef to work the restaurant though. I’m really excited to try her restaurant. I just hope that it tastes like authentic Italian.

      • samgibson4113

        Bob, who’s your friend, I would love to meet him or her. I love pizza and I would love the chance to speak to a real chef. I’m a little envious, you know all the people Bob.

  1. Cambria Rhay

    My family is going to Sacramento this summer, maybe we can stop by this restaurant! I absolutely love Italian food, so I try every new Italian restaurant that I can. I would think that she would want to eat there if she owns there restaurant. Maybe we’ll see her there.

  2. Marcus Fillion

    So did she open up the pizza restaurant, or did they simply open in up in her name? It’s not quite the same thing. At least she’s using her celebrity status to draw attention to the greatest thing in America: our pizza that we stole from the Italians.

    Marc |

    • Dolores Brown

      I would have to agree that pizza is one of the greatest things. It would be cool to go to her restaurant and see her there. It would make my day to see a celebrity and eat pizza. I cannot imagine anything better, and that’s probably because I’m just hungry for pizza.

    • Jenny Noble

      I agree that pizza might be the best thing about America. Italian pizza is so different that it can’t really come compared to American pizza. I think both stand on their own, delicious pedestals.


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