Queen Latifah Says Nicki Minaj Betta’ Recognize!!!

QUEEN LATIFAH, 41, has done a lot in her lifetime but  has said that being a rapper is her biggest career achievement.

The former rap star told Parade that pursuing a career in the music industry is what eventually allowed her to break into acting, which had domino effect on everything else she has accomplished.

“I’m proud of everything I do, but I think I’m the most happy about becoming a rapper. It was my entrance into everything. That helped me get into acting,” LATIFAH explained.

She says she realizes that the acting business is not the easiest to enter, and says if wasn’t for her fame as rapper she might not of made it, “That’s a tough business for anyone to crack into… For my first job, I was basically hired by Spike Lee for Jungle Fever because I was a female rapper.”

The Set It Off actress went on to say that she is aware that her rap career has helped to ensure the success of  other female emcees, specifically current rap queen NICKI MINAJ.

“Even if we don’t like each other necessarily, I appreciate that each of us has our own voice and we can express ourselves the way we see fit. Not that Nicki is like me per se, but I think many female rappers have been inspired by me as I have been inspired by others,” LATIFAH admitted.

“I know that I’ve had something to do with it. People paved the way for me and you pave the way for others. You have to expand the game as much as you can for the ladies. I’ve always kind of been a champion for the ladies in that sense,” she added.

Is the Queen shading the Barbie or just stating facts?

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    That pic is crazy!

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    queen latifah needs 2 take that blond weave off not a good look for her