Video: Beyoncé’s Baby Bump Deflates?!?

First things first: Juicy girls love them some BEYONCE, but ….

This ongoing debate about whether or not BEYONCE’s baby bump is getting some padded assistance, is getting out of control!

BEYONCE appeared on the Australian show, Sunday Night, last night to discuss MJ, her year-long vacation from music, her husband JAY-Z, and the absence of her father MATTHEW in the management of her career.

However, what made the most headlines was BABY CARTER‘s entrance on set. Walking onto the set many of us were surprised to see BEY looking so big, but it was when she sat down that made all our mouths drop to the floor.

We don’t know if it was camera angles, or our eyes playing tricks but it looked like her belly did a “sqoosh” and deflated as she sat.

We watched it a 100 times, and still trying to figure out what exactly is going on, but we don’t know one person with a soft pregnant belly.  Extra fabric? Belly protector? Peep it for yourself and tell us your thoughts…

*Video has not been altered,  just slowed down for better viewing.*

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  • Tmore

    It’s a fake

    • Law Mahboub13

       Tmore, I agree 100% that it’s fake! I also believe that someone else is paid-top dollar to carry Beyonce baby. I’m afraid to say but, now that the baby is here it doesn’t look a bit like J-Z.  I honestly think, Beyonce was angry with J-Z for his cheating and getting another lady pregnant. I feel as though Beyonce had a sperm donor, and of-course a surrogate. Maybe she planed all this in the mix of being angry with J-Z in order to keep up with J-Z’s other child.   

  • Hartnett

    Loose material on her dress. Duh.

  • Baby Bump

    Oh wow – this is the only video that makes it obvious that it is the dress that folds – watch at the beginning where she is walking in – you can see all the extra fabric around belly – since she is only 5 months the dress is not filled out so the fabric folds as she sits.  Glad I saw this because I was seriously questioning it! 

  • Netta1566

    really somebody must really not have a life making up rumors about ppl not being  pregnant i mean LEAVE HER BE

    • Jaster

      And your schedule was just so packed yet you could take time out of your busy schedule to comment? Girl, bye

  • Babyceelo

    looks like extra material from the dress but she is OBVOIUSLY trying to make herself seem larger than she is by wearing these  larger clothes when its not needed as of yet during her stage..very week the size of her stomach is changing which causes speculation…also a terrible way to sit down if you are pregnant, the poor child is beign crushed..smh

  • JuliannR8

    It’s the dress!

  • Carrasco Vanessa

    Its the dresssss! U people need a life! Leave her alone.. Its extra material from the dress

  • Lisa

    It is her dress. I never comment on crap like this but just have to say the people purposing this story are utterly ridiculous. Can the woman just enjoy her baby bliss??

  • Lucky

    This bitch is faking it look at her phuckken face

  • Lucky

    P.s. extra material would of been all around her not just on the stomach part str8 fake ppl

  • MommaAnCA

    You can tell it’s her dress. When she first walks in you can see that it has pleats or something up at the waistline, when she bends over the folds kind of open up. As soon as she sits back it’s normal. It’s hard to tell that there is extra fabric when she sits back, so pay very close attention when she first walks in. If this woman is faking it, it makes sense that she’d be damn sure nobody would know, rather than wear something inflatable. Lame. 

  • EarlM

    Would you look at the way she bent down to sit?  That material slid down the bump and bunched.  She’s in good shape and that drape was all wagging in the wind below her baby bump, held tight up to herself. Pffft! Looked normal to me, having had a trim figure when getting preggers.  My maternity tops always made me look bigger than I really was.

    So, she maybe wants to show more, as she’s proud of it. That just showed she’s preggers, but fit. AKA you don’t show as much,  as soon as most.  She’ll have the last laugh in another month.

  • SeaCay

    So what’s the theory?  In February she’s going to kidnap a baby to keep the story alive or she’s going to fake her own death?  Just what is it we suspect she’s up to?  Maybe she just left some room in her dress for the collective intelligence of the Juicy staff and overestimated.

  • Lornasub

    The theory is she could be using a surragate to have the baby for her. Everyone knows what a diva she is and she has ststed she wants to be a mom but hates to mess up her figure. So I think this very well could be the situation. She’s pretending to be pregnant while another woman carries the baby. 

  • ADJ

    Its clearly her dress. The fit is not tight anywhere but her breast area. You can see the silky material is baggy from when the video begins. At this time she is about 5 months so what size stomach are ppl expecting her to have?? People always find some way to discredit this woman when all shes done is sing well and be humble. And for those saying she would hire a surrogate because shes a diva…we all know Mariah is the biggest diva and she let herself get big as a house so you idiots should just mind your own damn business either way shes making more money than your hatin asses will ever make

  • Jass<3

    It was clearly her dress people !

  • ##jussayn##

    that dress isn’t that loose she even put her hands in front of her to hold it down as she sat so what is the real story behind it all

  • Nouveaufashiongo

    It’s the dress.  Dress like that are tight around the hip area with added fabric around the middle. you can see that as walks.  When she sits down air get under the dress an inflate the excess fabric.  I’ve worn dresses that and know that this can happen.

  • Kwhite

    Well, she sure flopped down into that low chair like a pregnant woman!

  • S Jennings1230

    The dress is loose in the front…gravity pulled it down…geez. Media loves tearing people apart.

  • Honeebunnee

    Nah she is pregnant. That’s just the dress design tricked a lil, snuff for gossippers to make some sh*t talking cash.

    New mom 2b 01/2012

  • Colormebadd11


  • Dennetteeverett

    Is she really pregnant or is this something just to give everyone to talk about?

  • Loveislife

    Are yall seriously blaming it on that tight ass dress. Ive been pregnant twice and even when i wore a loose top my stomach still kept its form it sure as hell didnt flatten in the middle like this. Im a big fan of beyonce too but lets be serious she even gave the man a look to see if he saw until i hear of her having an actual baby in an actual hospital with an actual nurse or doctor around to witness it.i think she may be faking or at least not as far along as she say

    • Reynolds_lola

      Ttly agreed!!! I was pregnant back to back and that’s just not natural.The dress is most def. not the reason 4 that.I mean if she is preggers (which i doubt) she woulda been on every magazine cover in America. I love e some Beyonce 2 but I refuse to believe she’s really pregnant. She’s missing out on a special bond with a baby she’s gonna raise

  • Pamband34

    I don’t believe that Beyonce would be that desperate for attention.  She’s pregnant it’s the dress.

    • willlovebeyonce_19

      and its so obvious its the dress

  • Keshalove

    fake bump ……….

  • browneyes

    she just looking attention as ususally it’s all about staying famous

  • Special_lady512

    fake baby bump

  • why ask

    why would she fake being pregnant. This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Y’all need to get a life.  She is already famous, she does’t have to beg for attention like you idiots. If she did you guys wouldn’t be keeping up with her business right now. Get your own publicity, and stop hatin.

  • cariboulou199

    Some celebrities fake their pregnancies so that their bodies stay intact. They hire surrogate mothers to hold their babies for them  while they are pretending like they are pregnant themselves. The baby would still be Beyonce and Jay-Z’s, its probably just being carried by a different mother. Meanwhile, Beyonce wears a fake belly the 9 months that her baby is being held by a surrogate.

  • christian

    Well from what it looks like from my point of view is that her belly did look like it deflated a little i have never seen that before nd believe a lot of women in my family have gotton pregent nd ive never seen that happen so i am not saying beyonce is faking the whole thing but im not saying she is telling the truth

  • Turtleykate

    I thinks its the kind of dress she is wearing with the gathring around the bust!

  • Delisious

    it’s the dress show the whole video if it deflated then her baby bump wouldve went back up

  • Str8_Up_Menace00

    Its been proven that she has fake it along with a surogate mother to carry the baby.  Obviously her and Jay-Z’s bodies werent matching up so she had to go that route… Nothing wrong with it, just be honest, especially knowing the the “WORLD” has their eyes and cameras on your every move… 

  • Ladywhoha

    I believe from watching the video on Beyonce sitting down, that it was not a dress malfunction. She is using a pretend baby bump to gain the mother instinct while the surrogate carries the baby. This is to help her keep the body she has worked so hard to maintain. I am not slating but if i was famous I would probably do the same. It all depends on how the parents feel.

  • GmngGgfcf….nuc…mk

    She is pulling her dress out as she sits.

  • Lakeyuew

    I really don’t know what to think except that I have yet to see a very pregnant woman take a seat like that.  She bent forward and had her arm at an akward angle.  My only question would be, why hide it?

  • RealityTeasa

    Its the dress… #period and I am no fan… CLEARY at the start of the video you can see the dress is loose… folding fabric crazy ppl I tell ya