Got A Minute?: Juicy Exclusive with Collins Pennie!!!

COLLINS PENNIE is a rising star who boasts being a dancer, singer, and a model aside from acting on the big screen.

He shares with Juicy his experience of being a lead dancer for BEYONCE, how he prepared for his role in the film In Time, and what type of women are ideal candidates. He is on the market ladies, but insecure chicas need not apply!

Juicy: You were the lead in the male army for BEYONCE’s “Run the World (Girls) video. How did you snag such a gig?

COLLINS PENNIE: It was a great experience. I got the opportunity to [be a dancer] in the “Get Me Bodied” video a while back. Since then my career has kinda taken off. Her team called and asked if I wanted to lead the “Run the World,” video. She’s Beyoncé, so I said, “Yeah.” [Laughs]. It was an incredible experience working with someone that’s considered a living legend.

Juicy: You’ve been in films like ‘Fame’and ‘Prom Night,’ with ‘In Time,’ your latest film with JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, it sounds like you’re getting your grown-man on. What’s your favorite genre? 

CP: I enjoy films where the actor has to transform into another character and tell someone else a story, and action movies. Doing In Time is my first sort of sci-fi action film and I’m tackling something a little more grown-up than my past films. I’ve been working out, trying to get my fitness right, so an action [role] is something I want to get into.

Juicy: As a former CK One model—those campaigns showcasing gorgeous, half-naked folks—you must be really comfortable with your appearance. What’s your best physical feature?

CP: Wow! [Laughs] That’s a hard question. I work out a lot. I recently started getting it in, and doing the whole diet thing. I do a lot of arms, chest, abs and squats. It’s hard to pick one body part because I try to concentrate on all of them. I’m going to let the ladies choose! And whatever their favorite is will become my favorite. [Laughs]

Juicy: Beauty aside, what qualities should should your ideal woman possess?

CP: Honesty. Confidence. Intelligence. Just being secure with yourself.  In this industry, you have to know who you are to deal with someone like me.

Juicy: Are you boo’ed up with anyone we know? Name drop, please!

CP: No, unfortunately no. [Laughs]

Juicy: Tell the truth, are you (and those ripped abs) off the market? 

CP: I’m single. Like you said, I do so many different things, I really don’t have a lot of time to have anything serious right now. I definitely do date. My options are open. —TIA PRICE