Philly Pastor Says Lil Wayne Is A ‘Demonic Spirit’ !!!

We know LIL WAYNE is a little off, but according to a Philadelphia pastor Lil Wayne is  “being used by Satan.”

In Deadest Rapper Alive: The Rise of Lil Wayne and the Fall of Urban Youth, Pastor of Philly Open Air Church, Jomo K. Johnson accuses the self-proclaimed alien, of being under demonic influence.

Johnson pens, “Lil Wayne as an unbelieving man is not only under the influence of Satan but he is also involved in demonic occult practices. Those who are involved in this type of practice will fully have interaction with demonic spirits in order to receive some earthly benefits. These benefits are usually money, influence, protection, or revenge.”

The pastor continues to say that YMCMB boss may be on a mission to fool us with his music,  “The demonic spirits will use that person to promote Satan’s purpose which is to deceive man into destruction while desecrating the image of God.”

“He himself is being used by Satan to lead countless millions down a path of deception and destruction. And these millions happen to be urban youth.”

Well damn.

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  • Neevapalmer

    First of all you got some preachers that be in the use of demontic purposes to so I don’t think people should judge thoses wasn’t it said in the bible we should not pass judgement for that is Gods doing!!!!!