Rihanna and 8 Other Celebs Who Need To Take A Year Off!

It’s being reported by MTV that RIHANNA has been put on a 24-hour health watch, after pouring out her stress to fellow singer BEYONCE last week.

BEYONCE one of the hardest working women in the entertainment business, recently offered RIHANNA some advice when it comes to Ri-Ri’s health.

The “Countdown” singer told her husband’s protégé that before she burn herself out, she should take a year off from music.

Well if anyone should know, BEY’s the person, she too took a year long hiatus from the business last year to focus on enjoying life’s simple pleasures amnd recharging herself.

There is nothing wrong with a break, everyone needs one.

We’ve compiled a list of other celebs who should take BEY’s advice, and while we salute them for their hard work, they need make sure they don’t run themselves in the ground:

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    Nicki Minaj
    This girl recently, went on tour with BRITTNEY SPEARS, released a nail polish line with O.P.I. and announced a new and up coming album. She's on one for sure, but maybe it's about time for NICKI to hang up the chicken wing necklaces, stuffed animal couture dresses and rainbow wigs. During her year off, maybe she and her angry boyfriend SAFAREE can attend couple’s counseling.
    Amber Rose
    She’s a judge on BET’s ‘Master of the Mix,’ the face of Smirnoff’s ‘Fluffed’ and ‘Whipped’ candy and marshmallow flavored vodka, and there’s even been mention of her recording an album. Its come to a point where her “accidentally leaked” pictures excuse has become old. If she does take a year off, it would be a great chance for her to grow out her hair, and keeping her private life private.
    The Kardashian's
    The KARDASHIAN'S and everyone affiliated with them need a year off. SCOTT DISICK, KRIS HUMPHRIES even RYAN SEACREST too. That family has been all up in our faces for so long, especially with that publicity stunt wedding and all those spin off shows (three and counting). The time off would allow for them all to de-hype.
    Kelly Rowland
    The ‘Motivation’ singer released an album, shot some videos and flies between the U.S. and the U.K. where she is a judge on their version of ‘X-Factor’. She needs some time to re-group, and get her marketing right. It’s as if she’s in the news for one random thing after the next, such as her love of London Town men and her pleasure of being in a sex shop. Taking a year off would give ROWLAND a chance to get a better team in place.
    Angela Simmons
    Angela is everywhere! She and her sister VANESSA SIMMONS maintain a successful sneaker line, Pastry, among other business ventures (taking pictures.) Her year off could be used towards discovering her other passions other than Twitter, and finding a good boo.
    Rick Ross
    If he’s not trying to launch a Maybach Music Group artists’ career, he’s trying to maintain his own. However, multiple seizures should be enough to keep his big behind out of the spotlight for a least a year to lose some weight so he can keep "hustlin."
    RIHANNA recorded, released and shot videos for her new album “Talk That Talk” all while on tour. RiRi needs some time off from raising a glass and signing cheers’ to every weekend, not to mention shopping spree’s in sex shops and rendezvous in strip clubs with her ex. Taking a year off would be a great chance for her to regain her sanity, and control those hormones.
    Tyler Perry
    TYLER PERRY has plans to soon release six films, and launch a TV network. It has to be hard being a Black man, let alone a man and a woman. PERRY’s alter ego Madea’s personality is bigger than her body, and we all need an opportunity to miss both of them for a while.
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