Video: MJB Wants The Nicki Minaj/Lil’ Kim Feud To End !!!

MARY J. BLIGE says she would  really love to see the beef  between rappers NICKI MINAJ and LIL KIM  to be over and done with.

The R&B singer made an appearance on WGCI’s Tony Sculfield and The Morning Riots, and chimed in on how she felt about the ongoing feud.

“I love and respect them,” she said. “KIM is my friend, and I love and respect NICKI, just got to know the young lady, she’s a sweetheart. I pray and hope that they all – that people would just… because people can fuel it, you know?”

She continued to say it’s we the public who fuels the drama.

“It’s people behind the whole thing. Maybe one day it’ll happen, and I’m hoping, we’ve just got to think positive. Everyone’s thinking negative about it and everyone’s in it. But if a bunch of people would say stop this and let’s help these girls to do something together or to see the light.”

MARY also took the time to dispel any rumors that she was jealous of BEYONCE, and discussed her marriage.

Catch all the deets, and watch Mary’s full interview below…