WTF: Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj Named ‘Teachers Of the Year’ ?!?

This may shock you.

Based on their ability to obtain and keep your children’s attention,  LIL WAYNE and NICKI MINAJ have both received Teachers of the Year awards.

Better Education Place, a South Florida-based education company, recently named WEEZY and MINAJj “Teachers of the year” in its first teacher awards ceremony.

Both LIL’ WAYNE and NICKI MINAJ are many things, but most wouldn’t honor them for being the best pair to shape the minds of today’s youth.

However CEO of the company, Melvin El, says the criteria of honorees was based on those who can motivate, inspire, and capture the attention of our children.

“If you are a teacher today and you don’t have any swagger, you are going to struggle to get your students’ attention. It turns out a teacher can learn a lot from Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj. With the help of hip hop, we can make education fun again,” EL tells

What do you think, do the Young Money Cash Money rappers deserve such an accolade?

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