Video: Christina Milan ‘I’m A Really Good Wife’ !!!

Recently NICEY NASH caught up with singer CHRISTINA MILAN to talk about love, and MILAN makes it seem like her ex-husband THE DREAM is an distant memory.

The singer begins asking if she is the right person to discuss love and relationships, and immediately says “a lot of men will say ‘I can’t believe a guy would cheat on Christina.’ But it happened!”

MILAN confirms that she thinks issues with infidelity can happen to the most beautiful women.

“Beauty has nothing to do with it,” MILAN continues, “I know I’m a really good wife and a really good girlfriend.  I know we’re supposed to take the blame for certain things, but I gotta say I’m good at all that stuff.”

2 snaps! We know what other stuff she’s referring to, but says the biggest lesson she has learned in this whole experience with THE DREAM is not to confuse lust with love.

Watch the full video by clicking picture below:

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