Celebs Enraged By Whitney Houston’s Casket Photo!!!

In shocking news, it has been reported that a picture of WHITNEY HOUSTON‘s lifeless body in her casket during her private wake held last Friday was taken and sold to the National Enquirer.

Thanks to the rag mag that printed the mortifying picture on the front page of their paper, the image has been circulating around the Internet since yesterday.

Disturbing to say the least, both fans and celebrities alike were enraged to see the photo, and used Twitter to express their disgust.

Singer, CIARA also said how she felt about the image, “It is terrible that someone would take a photo of someone’s body at rest & sell it to a magazine!!! just terrible!”

“MADD at who ever sold Whitney Houston’s pic of her in a casket,” EVELYN LOZADA wrote on Twitter.

Even shock jock blogger PEREZ HILTON didn’t think the media move was cool, and wrote on his website that it was “tasteless, insensitive, morbid thing to do”

Bold move for the magazine, but it’s not the first time the Enquirer had no ethics. In 1977, it published a picture of ELVIS PRESLEY in his casket.

  • Elisa Jed

    That is very disappointing. Someone should be able to rest in their caskets – no matter who they are – without the media posting pictures of it. Taking something personal like that and putting it on the front page – what where they thinking?

  • Anita Mas

    It seems that celebrities can’t even get a break in death. I would like to think that there is a certain level of respect that they wouldn’t benefit from a casket shot. But that’s what happens I guess.

    Anita Mas | http://www.vtgolden.com/subcategories.cfm?CatID=15