Chris Brown and Rihanna Back Together…With New Music!!!

We know, we don’t get how this happened either, but on her birthdayRIHANNA and CHRIS BROWN got back together, for the remix to RIHANNA’s newest single, “Cake.”

The original single off RIHANNA’s album Talk That Talk, has been remixed with added vocals from her ex-boyfriend CHRIS BROWN, who sings on the track, “Been a long time/I’ve been missing your body…”

This raises more than a few eyebrows, after the very public domestic abuse incident that occurred in 2009.

If this isn’t enough of a surprise, RIHANNA is also featured on the remix to CHRIS BROWN newest single, “Turn Up The Music,” as well. SMH.

Listen to both below:

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  • cocochanel43

    Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me,Fool me a third time then all H—ll is going to break loose.

  • Aniha

    chris brown is so sexy and i think him and rihanna is not mant for each other

  • Kikib187

     hmm wow oh well whatever happens jus happens..