DMX Fires Shots At Drake…And Rick Ross!!!

DMX the dark man X is back!

This morning on NY radio station Power 105.1, ex-con rapper DMX visited The Breakfast Club and reminisced on rap and discussed the state of rap today.

When asked his opinion on rap’s current star DRAKE, X revealed,  “I don’t like anything about Drake. I don’t like his f**king voice, I don’t like anything he talks about.”

He went on, “I don’t like his face. “I don’t like the way he walks, nothing. I don’t like his haircut. I might just … let me just shut up now.”

However the original Ruff Ryder couldn’t stop, he just moved on to another rapper – RICK ROSS.

“I got a letter when I was in prison. They send they would send a limo to pick me up. I appreciated the offer but I couldn’t really see it happening like that.”

When the conversation turned to Ross’ mic skills, X insisted: “He’s alright, he just talk about eating too much. How much can you eat? How much weed can you smoke? Let’s talk about something else. I know you got the Maybach, you got an Aston Martin, OK good for you. Damn.”

You hear him barking?

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  • sandy

    best interview i seen in a LONG time