Exclusive: Chilli Says She And Tyrese Have Real Chemistry!!!

Just in time for Valentine’s day CHILLI, one-third of the female group TLC, debuts as TYRESE’s leading lady in the sultry and sizzling video “Nothing On You,” off his most recent album Open Invitation.

The story line of the video paints a vivid picture of love and of a man assuring his woman there is no one else for him, and CHILLI and TYRESE play their parts very well -maybe a little to well.

We catch up with CHILLI to discuss the project, USHER, and see if there is anything more to the chemistry with TYRESE we see on film. –AMBER McKYNZIE

Juicy: So tell us about this new sexy video “Nothing On You,” with TYRESE, how did this collaboration come about?

CHILLI: Well, I got on the project because Tyrese called me and asked me if I would do the video. He sent me the song, and I loved it. I love the record, and I mean we’ve been friends for many years – that’s my boy. I love him too. So you know, it was an absolute yes for him.

Juicy: The video is very romantic and realistic what was the chemistry on set? Or did it feel just like work? 

C: Honestly, to tell you the truth it wasn’t work at all! I didn’t expect it to be as easy as it was, not that I thought it was going to be difficult. But when you do a video, photo shoot, or whatever, it’s usually [feels like] work. We always have fun, but we were really cracking each other up [on set]. It was just, weird, because at moments it just kind of felt like the camera wasn’t there. It was crazy! I was like, ‘Damn, boy!’

JUICY: Yes, Tyrese is definitely a beautiful man, did you ever find him “distracting”?

C: I mean he’s straight. (Laughs) I’m just kidding. He is a very good-looking man.  I don’t know if I was distracted, but I was just very in the moment though, I’ll say that.

JUICY: Any plans on doing anything else together?

C:  I don’t know. Being that we do have so much chemistry, probably more than we thought or expected, um, we probably will do some more stuff. It would have to be something that makes sense, but the chemistry is naturally there. You know, chemistry is either there or it’s not, so I would love to work with him again.

JUICY: Speaking of chemistry, have you reached out to your ex USHER with everything that’s going on?

C: What’s going on?

JUICY: He’s going through a very messy and public custody battle.

C: I just wish him well. Honestly I hadn’t…I heard that a while ago, I didn’t know if that stuff was still going on. But I hope everything turns out great for him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/latinablackson April Sandoval

    pls get together…..love it!!!

  • teambreezyUK

    why cant they hook up they look good together

  • Starr

    SUPA DUPA  cute tyrese n chilli…..i’m loving it, n sure is the rest of the world….