Juicy Exclusive: First Interview with ‘Basketball Wives’ Kenya Bell!!!

Meet KENYA BELL, one of the newest cast members of this season of Basketball Wives Miami.

Unlike the basketball wife prototype, Ms. KENYA didn’t get to where she is solely from her estranged husband CHARLIE BELL’s NBA affiliation. The former Miss Michigan and Miss USA contestant was once the breadwinner in the relationship.

Juicy caught up with KENYA after the premiere episode of season 4 to get her take on how it all went down.

Juicy: So what’s the background on your relationship with Charlie Bell?

KB: We met in college. I was graduating and already working as an engineer for General Motors, and he was playing on the basketball team. We met at a bar, and at first I wasn’t interested, but I was convinced to give him a shot. From there we developed a relationship. But he ended up going through a really bad slump and didn’t get drafted. I speak many languages because he played in Italy and Spain for about 4 years. That’s where we had our kids.  He finally got an NBA contract years later.

Juicy: So how was it seeing yourself on TV for the first time?

KB: It’s kind of strange seeing myself on TV. I mean, I was on TV when I did Miss USA and Miss Michigan, but pageants are different. But this episode was pretty laid back.

Juicy: So what was your reaction to the first episode?

KB: I thought there was going to be a lot of drama out of the gate, because that’s how it’s been for me [filming]. This season, I’m working on getting my career situated, I’m meeting the girls for the first time, and I’m stressed out from the divorce stuff. There’s already a whole bunch of stuff going on in my life. So this episode wasn’t so bad, but it’s definitely not gonna last long, I can tell you that!

Juicy: Were you apprehensive to be on the show?

KB: I was definitely nervous to join the cast because I wasn’t a regular viewer of the show. When you go on YouTube and watch the clips, all you see are the fights. I wasn’t really nervous about that aspect because I know Tae Kwon-Do and I’m cool if I have to fight. But I’ve got a degree in engineering and business, so I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to put myself out there like that. However, because I sing, write music, and I’m writing a novel I thought this was the time to go for it.

Juicy: Kesha felt like the two of you were being auditioned by the other cast mates when they first met you both. Did you feel the same?

KB: I didn’t really feel that way. When you first meet someone, obviously people are going to ask you about yourself. These are girls that are getting to know us, so for me I’ll just let you know who I am. What stood out to me were the girls’ personalities. SUZIE was the wild child, JEN was bougie, and TAMI was straightforward.

Juicy: Who’s side are you on with Jen/Evelyn beef?

KB: I can’t say much about what’s happening later in the season, but I have a best friend and we’ve been through alot. The thing about friends is, they are relationships worth saving. Just seeing their friendship dissolve with what’s happening, it’s just not cool.

  • Alfed

    I like Kenya for the simple fact she is not about drama. Unlike the other women in the “clique”, she has two degrees and used/ are using both of them :).

  • JennP

    I think Kenya is Real Out of Most of the Bitches There…TRUE FACT!!…There Just hatin on her cause she is new And They tryna start shit..Real talk

  • Jayden Eden

    I thought that she was the one with a husband who was an engineer. I must be thinking of someone else. Hopefully the show works out. I wish her luck with her life. It sounds stressful!
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