Listen: Ray J Goes Coo-Coo On A Radio Interview Over Bobby Brown???

Allgedley RAY J goes on Chicago radio station and totally loses his marbles live on air.

Rumored to be WHITNEY HOUSTON boyfriend when she passed, and going through a lot of pain in the last couple of days was asked how he was dealing with it all, and started talking about his sister’s missing car keys at the airport which he was reported to breakdown.

“I had lost my sister car key, and I know how she feel about that, and with everything going on this car key would put everything over the top,” he allegedly rambled.

He continued to say he couldn’t afford to keep her car at the airport because he doesn’t have an album out.

Asked about the incident in which BOBBY BROWN left the funeral early over a seating row, RAY J began comparing his songs with¬† BROWN’s, claiming his 2005 track ‘One Wish’ and ‘Sexy Can I,’ was a bigger hit than ‘Every Little Step I Take.’

He randomly broke out singing “One Wish,” until the station hung up on him. Were hoping this is a radio prank.

Listen below:

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