The Rant: Is Nicki Minaj a Sell Out?!?

The neon colored wigs, the costumes, the schizo facial expressions? The over the top antics of rapper NICKI MINAJ are too much to stomach – especially for Hot 97 radio personality PETER ROSENBERG.

The brutally honest DJ dissed the female emcee on air, calling NICKI a sell-out after releasing her new pop single, “Starships.”

NICKI’s image is a far cry from her humble beginnings. A never before seen video of NICKI freestylin’ on a street corner in her native South Side Jamaica Queens neighborhood went viral last week, and after her infamous Grammy performance media critics are calling her out for her pop-washed image.

True, if you dig up footage of NICKI’s pre-Barbie days, when her “style” consisted of hoodies, airbrushed acrylic nails and a pair of gold bamboo earrings, it’s hard to believe that her current cooky-couture look is really genuine.

True, if you “google her ass,” back in the day NICKI wasn’t sporting curves that needed brakes.

True, if you ever witnessed NICKI MINAJ pre-fame flow, it was more LIL KIM and less KATY PERRY.

Selling out or just plain selling, one thing is for sure NICKI is getting paper.  For artists these days, mainstream success comes with a major decision – you can either stick to the formula that got you attention in the first place, or you can stick to what sells, for the moment.  To us, it seems like NICKI is losing the true sense of herself and her music the more popular she gets.

However we created this “monster,” and now she’s here to stay. Now that she’s been covered in everything from Vogue to the New York Times, we doubt the old  around the way NICKI will ever truly return. The I’m-sexy-enough-to-seduce-you-but-tough-enough-to-pimp-slap-anyone-who-disrespects-me NICKI.

What ROSENBERG is calling selling out, is really MINAJ no longer having that missing is that hunger, drive, and realness that everyday Juic-sayyy girls can relate to.

If for nothing else, we support NICKI as there aren’t many Black female entertainers doing it this big. At the end of it all, PETER ROSENBERG does have a point. If the Barbie image is what NICKI is sticking to, then so be it. But if so, it just can’t be called hip-hop.

Listen to the PETER ROSENBERG’s radio clip below:

  • Aztec4life97

    Whatever…leave her alone….so she can’t invent a new image for herself?

  • Nastilles

    She can, just cant call it hiphop