Then & Now: SWV!!!

Influenced by gospel and classic rhythm & blues, R&B female trio Sisters With Voices, or SWV were introduced to the world in 1992 with their debut, It’s About Time.

New York City bred CHERYL “COKO” GAMBLE, LEANNE “LELEE” LYONS and TAMARA “TAJ” JOHNSON were three school friends with three big church influenced voices that learned how to harmonize in order to establish them as one of the most popular urban R&B groups of the ’90s.

With singles like “Right Here,” “I’m So Into You,” the trio was a commercial force by 1993, but the hits like, “Weak” and “Right Here/Human Nature,” still paints the picture of what is considered classic R&B.

The group experienced a plethora of hits, but unfortunately disbanded in 1998.

COKO went on to become a very successful gospel singer in 2003 and her debut solo gospel album Grateful debuted at #5 on the charts. The trio would only make special appearances as a group through out the years, and it wasn’t until 2011 the crew made the decision to officially reunite after 15 years.

With the release their current single “Co-Sign,” their core audience will delight once again on the sweet harmonies of SWV.

Their album I Miss You is scheduled to release on April 10th. Follow them on twitter @therealswv

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