Blue Ivy Already Rocking Marc Jacobs Shoes At 2 Months!!!!

BEYONCE went from being photographed on red carpets in sky high stilletos, to being captured in parks in loafers and flats.

Now the new mommy has made an obvious transition in her style, she is focusing on the fashions and looks of her 2-month-old daughter BLUE IVY.

BLUE was bundled up with mommy BEY yesterday strolling around NYC, wearing gold Little Marc Jacobs Baby Mouse shoes which dangled in from her baby bjorn.

BEY wore Marc’s matching cat flats, but kept it pretty beige, literally, and it seems like nowadays BLUE IVY is the only “accessory” BEYONCE needs, or wants.

So cute.

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  • Snowflakelady419

    this is a little contradictory, how do you were high heel shoes when you are so called pregnant, but when you have the baby you now are walking in flats, really. She didn’t have no baby that was a surrogate the whole time. BEYONCE IS A LIAR, BABY LOOKS NOTHING LIKE HER.