Clay Aiken Says Rihanna Would Of Never Made It on American Idol!!!

Shots fired!!! American Idol star CLAY AIKEN went in on RIHANNA yesterday on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with ANDY COHEN.

AIKEN believes if RIHANNA entered the music business as an unknown on a televised talent competition she wouldn’t of never made it.

When asked what current stars would struggle with the American Idol judging process, he answered, “Oh God, there are too many. Too many… Current pop singer? I’ve stopped listening to them because they can’t sing.”

He then called RI-RI out specifically, “[I’ll go with] Rihanna [because she] has some pitch problems for sure. She does… Now I’m gonna get in trouble, too.”

We’ll be waiting for RIHANNA’s snarky twitter response in 5, 4, 3, 2…

  • Susanstash

    …REALLY!!!!!! CLAY AKIN WHO!!!!!!! U WISH U WERE RI RI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sara

      lol get over yourself

  • Nic

    Definitely agree with Clay Aikens. American Idol usually picks the best of the best. Meaning true vocalists, contestants that can actually sing. Not people who go in the studio and have special effects (auto-tune or other devices) done to their voices. Then get on stage and sound like crap! Bring back all the singers from the 90’s when you actually had to have a talent & could hit notes without music in the background!!!!

  • Mikenator

    I don’t understand why people like her and Brittany Spears are popular. They can’t sin worth crap, even with auto tune, and their looks are mediocre at best. Also, all of the writers of Rhianna’s songs, such as Skylar Grey, are much better singers than her. They are also horrible people

    • Sara

      but Britney was an amazing performer period she was sort like the teens janet jackson no they don’t belt or do runs and riffs but they can put on one hell of a show rihanna has never been a good performer singer nothing period why her sucess i don’t know
      you don’t have to do the runs and riff like beyonce or Whitney to be a good singer janet/britney are very versatile singers they can also switch us their voice and no it’s not auto-tune auto-tune can only make you sound like robot.. switch it up like janet can get rough on black cat and than go smooth on anytime anyplace

  • pickyreader

    It’s “would HAVE”, not “of”. I guess this magazine doesn’t have an editor, or they just don’t have someone who have a decent level of English.