Clear It Up: Usher Says New Track ‘Climax,’ Isn’t About Sex!!!

USHER, known for creating baby-making music, says his newest single “Climax,” isn’t about sex at all.

With breathy vocals and title like ‘Climax,’ USHER says he can see why people have it confused. “That is the double entendre of how the music works. It’s not about sex. It’s about an out-of-control experience, when a person has reached the peak of that experience,” he says.


“It’s odd that people view ‘Climax’ as a sexual song,”USHER told Atlanta’s V-103 recently. “It’s not. It’s not even about sex. It’s really about the ultimate experience or finale of an experience of love and life.”

USHER wants us to look past the sexual feeling of the song, and see it for the deep message he attempted to convey.

“When you’re in a relationship and it’s kinda reached the climax of where it could go, you gotta let it go if you’re not gonna commit and that’s what the song’s about.”

Do you get that when listening to the song?

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