Evelyn, Jen, and Tami Address Episode 5 on Their Blogs!!!

At this point it’s crystal clear that Basketball Wives Miami cast members and former BFF’s EVELYN and JENNIFER will never again be friends.

After episode 5 of Basketball Wives aired this week,  they both took to their blogs to dish on what really went down at SHAUNIE’s birthday dinner and why they almost came to blows. Even mutual frememy TAMI added her two cents. Read exerpts from each of their blog posts below and decide for yourself who is really at fault:

EVELYN: What makes me so angry is that Jen really doesn’t get it and she keeps telling people she doesn’t understand why I’m so angry. AGAIN, when you are supposed to be a LOYAL friend, you just don’t go popping off at the mouth on the radio or turn to a blog to talk crap about your friend and her man. Jen isn’t the type of person to sincerely apologize and this is where a portion of my anger lies. Jen’s thought process really is that transparent!  Because she’s a college graduate and grew up a certain way she thinks she’s better than everyone else. My thing is, even if that was my situation, I would never talk down to anyone else or ever talk about someone’s livelihood or how much money they have in the bank during an argument. Visit Evelyn’s website for more

JEN: First off, my speech was not about myself. It was about how I thought Shaunie was a good example for me to look at because I feel she made the best out of a negative situation and she is now happy.  But again, the beauty of editing!  As you have watched me for three seasons now, I am never the loudest one in the room. I do not try to be nor do I want the focus on me.  Overall, I think what happened at Phillipes was immature and unfortunate. ‘You ain’t about this life.’ Hmmm, what life is that? The life I am about is trying to be happy and making strides to be an independent woman. Overall, I hope Shaunie enjoyed her birthday despite the drama!”  Visit Jen’s website for more

TAMI: “In the moment, [Jen’s] apology seemed sincere, but watching it back…girl, why you lie in my face…Sidebar: Your speech was comical. People really had to hear the whole thing because between you and Kenya, I have NEVER seen anything like it. You made a speech about yourself and tried to pass it off as something special to Shaunie. I hope VH1 releases the uncut version of some of these moments. I’m just saying…”  Visit VHI.com for more…

Who do you think is really at fault for the fight at Shaunie’s birthday party?

  • ME.

    Jen is so corny!! And always claiming how innocent she is. With her who me attitude. Just because she talks low doesn’t mean she is sweet. She sucks.! And is very annoying!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001205560836 Jessica James

      When Jennifer acts like that, she’s the chocolate version of Megan Hauserman from Rock Of Love 2 and I love Money lmao

  • Melanie Stroman

    It’s kinda crazy now that Evelyn is planning to get married that she is so sensitive about what Jen is saying and feeling…..However when Jen was “Married” Evelyn had a lot to say as a so called “Friend”. This is so ridiculas and I stopped watchinfg this show because it’s nonsense. Don’t get me wrong I love Evelyn but let’s get a grip here. Shaunie sits back and finds ways to manipulate a situation and then claims she is trying to bring them all together to talk….Pleazzzzzzzzzzz Shaunie….Those producer explained to you in order for you to make some money with this project you must make those black /hispanic girl bring drama….We have been deplicked as non-educated non-working always fighting and cursing non-factor whores for money. Now that may be ok with you but at some point that’s gonna get tired and really how long and how much dick can you suck for money….yes I said it!!! and can stand to back it up….This is Horrible and non lady like. Come on girls get a new business venture. Now Evelyn is BFF with Tami after sleeping with her husband and dissing her girl Jen……..This is TRASH Television at it’s worst…….you won’t catch this on in my house on non of my televisions….and If I get my way I will have it taken off of all televisions in Our Communities and she if Surburban communities pick it up……Hell No!!!!!
    Now Put That In Your Peace Pipe and Smoke IT!!!!!!!!

  • Karmelgirl06

    I feel that Jenn already apologized 4 the radio show incident & the little blog situation was just petty & blown way out. Real talk, Jenn write ur own blogs hun or don’t blog & it will keep down a little confusion. As far as Shaunie’s dinner goes, Eve throwed the 1st blow & got mad that Jenn gave it right back to her….i say don’t set it up if u can’t catch it when its hurled back at you. Tami please stay strong & don’t choose between Eve & Jenn…remain neutral.

  • Lulabell

    Reading excerpts from all the blogs, it’s obvious that Evelyn is insecure because she’s a project girl that has to fugg 4 money, and Jenn got it on her own. Jenn is classy, I would not call her bourgie just because she’s not acting project everywhere she goes. Can’t even take these bitches to Italy without them making a damn fool of themselves. The entire format is very Jerry Springer-ish. And I realized that their viewers are not middle class sistas who got it going on..but welfare-ish drama hoes with no life. That’s why u always read bitches saying Tammi and Evelyn are “real”…yeah, they’re real alright..real GHETTO!!

  • MzDomo

    @2d51cc908f6a062df5d4939780b37951:disqus  lulabell…sweety i beg to differ i am a middle class viewer of basketball wives and i enjoy a that drama yu describe as welfare-ish( not even a word sista),besides Tami is definitely real in her rationality to some aspects and evelyn isn’t really the type of chick i  would consider real,evelyn is just a female that is tryna act tougher than what she really is…she is trash but any who how about you not use the B word so freelly to describe your fellow less fortunate sistas.you make yourself look as ignorant as the females you speak about as ghetto…lol

  • MzDomo

    by the way Jen YOU ROCK, suzie is so down to earth,royce seems to love being her,nd kesha you are so fake(and tryna act sweet to get sympathy 24/7),Kenya is hella wierd but she just need to stop tryna hide it and be the weird o she is,GTami continue to be diva status but  try  to suppress that anger gwurl(its ok to be subtle sometimes),Evelyn  yu needa suppress that Ego because believe me yu it aint a good look,evelyn you seem like yu may have a cool personality somewhere in there but viewere never get a chance to see it because you stay goin super bad on somebody.SHaunie i love the show…very entertaining

  • Mrsregina2u

    Fucking embarrising! @ first I was a fan, but now as a black woman I want to hide. Kudos for Royce for apparently telling those producers that she’ll be on the show, but not amongst the project rats. Shaunie I see why shaq bounced…..you are so fake! You sit back & act like you wanna be the mediator, when you are the biggest shit starter (on the down low)…..that’s not so so low. Tami I use to love your keep it real attitude but you keep shit started too… You know shit don’t be right but your afraid to tell shaunie & evelyn’s ugly ass when they are wrong. How do you justify Jen’s actions as being wrong, because “where you come from” newsflash she don’t come from the igorance you come from. Hell where I came from they pulled out a gun a shot people for pissing them off……does that make it right? Jen I don’t blame you for showing them whores what your working with. My motto is when I was younger and ignorant it was called snitching are bitching out…..but now that I’m a wother, business woman, wife, home owner, etc… I have more to lose so now its called covering my ass. In other words slap me I will file a police report & a restraining order…..so that when I encounter you again I will break yo ass off in self defense and while your in the infirmary in jail, I will be @ my home with my husband & kids making plans on my next business step. Oh, and Evelyn is so not tough…..she reminds me of the loud mouth in the hood. If somebody bop that bitch in the mouth you want hear from her tacky ass again. Who are you? You quickly elected to reduced yourself down to a threesome because your dude told you he likes sexing other people……& Jen was wrong for saying what about him? I know you have know dignity, but damn I wonder what rock your daughter sticks her head under for having your classless ass splattered all over the t.v. You are an attention whore too……what woman do you see run her dressy ass across a table? Not even bitches in the projects display that type of behavior. But, of course its for the cameras because of course you through the bottle and made sure you missed. You ran across the table & leaped just enough to be caught, you reached through a tiny crach to hit her with your purse. If you such a rider all the attempts would have been successful up close & personal. Sit your old looking ass down! Its not a goodlook. And you think that someone will be proud to say yor their wife. You might ass well dig in your ass, nose, burp & fart on t.v. because their is nothing else left for you to do to show america how money doesn’t do anthing but make you a rich (whatever you where before). She pumped her assistant up & she didn’t have enough common sense to realize duh, your on tape saying your gonna assault her, then even more stupidly she followed up……..now how you like her now. Who goes through all that for a damn key to a lock that can be changed. Thenthese silly broads are so shock when she say bitch wtf will I do what your key to your dungeon when I live in a penthouse. Not only did she publicly humuliate her by slapping her, but you told the world, she was broke down in the process of her divorce. So, did you think she would have some nice shit to say after all that. When I last checked….there is no rules in fighting. That’s like expecting honor amongs thieves…. but you guys are hood bitches remember? Smdh! Shaunie, keep being on business trips after you stir up bullshit, then come back in & entice them with trips their “rich” asses shouldn’t get excited about unless your not “about that life”. Keep pimping your own, shaunie…….I betcha your kids will rather pursue daddy’s path instead of yours.