Exclusive: Tami Roman Tells Us Who Could Catch A Beatdown!!

Outspoken and fierce, TAMI ROMAN has proved she is force to be reckoned with.  Now equipped with her own hairline, and upcoming movie role, and countless television appearances TAMI is making good use of her reality fame.

Not that she is back on out television screens and in her hometown of NYC for the taping of season 4 of VH1’s Basketball Wives, ROMAN says she has returned as mediator more than instigator.

We had a minute to chat with ROMAN about her old and new drama, how she has grown, and all the different personalities on reality television.

Juicy: On a level from 1-10 what would you rate the drama this season?

Tami Roman: Well depends on what people thought last season was…

Juicy: Last season was an eight...

TR: We give this season and nine and a half.

Juicy: Which girls do you hang with the cameras stop rolling?

TR: When the season ends this time I’ll be working on shooting my next movie. In terms of do we hang out a lot maybe not, but do we check in on each other a lot just to send love. Shaunie and I, Evelyn and I, Jen and I we keep in contact with each other. I’m also cool with Tamar from The Braxtons, and Somaya Reece from Love and Hip Hop.

Juicy: Speaking of Love and Hip Hop how did that little tiff you had with Olivia Longott end up, you guys cool now?

TR: My thing is this we’re all in the same game you’re doing your show I’m doing my show, but  I support Love and Hip-Hop. Everybody is on their grind trying to do what they do. I felt like if you were going to black lash the show, well we’re on the same network I just felt like that was a little out of pocket.[Olivia] said she didn’t say it, but I found out that she did… had we been face to face that might have been a different moment. But I’m not going to keep beefing with her over Twitter I really wouldn’t do that. You know I’m not going to take it all the way there now.  If we see each other then we can discuss and really address it.

Juicy: Let’s play fill in the blank. If you saw MEEKA CLAXTON walking down the street you would…

TR: I would actually walk up to her and try to squash everything that happened between us on Basketball Wives.

Juicy: If you saw EVELYN in the corner talking to your man you would…

TR: (Laughs) Beat her ass!

Juicy: If you knew SUZIE had spread a nasty rumor about you would…

TR: I would call her directly to find out if it is true and then if it was beat her ass!

Juicy: Last one, if you knew OLIVIA was popping s**t about you still, you would…

TR: Probably I would say when you get a record deal that matters, then you have the right to talk about some one else.