Funeral Director Reveals She Knows Who Leaked Whitney’s Coffin Photo!!!

Uh-oh Carolyn Whigham, owner of the funeral home that took care of WHITNEY HOUSTON‘s funeral arrangements said she knows exactly who was responsible for leaking and selling HOUSTON’s coffin photo.

Rumors point the finger at HOUSTON ex sister-in-law TINA BROWN, however all Whigham is able to do is deny allegations that her camp was responsible for the leak.

While Whigham stated that they do know who is responsible, they are leaving it to the HOUSTON family to release the name.

HOUSTON’s body was at the Central Ward funeral home for five days. Whigham revealed a security detail from Nippy Inc., the singer’s management company, was with the singer’s body around the clock while it was at Whigham.

Whigham said the funeral home’s investigation revealed that the picture was taken on Feb. 17, a day before services for the late singer, and was more than likely sold  published in the National Enquirer for an amount close to $500,000.


  • Alexi Davenport

    Wow, that is so disrespectful to Whitney. When I have my funeral in Lakewood, I want people to celebrate times we shared, not be caught up in the sadness of passing.

  • jeanblake80

    One of the most important things with funerals is that we respect the family. This is a grieving time and their wishes need to be followed.
    Jean |

    • Dolores Brown

      I would agree that respect is key in any funeral service. You can’t really know what the family is going through, and so it’s important to be sensitive. So just remember that when you go to a funeral service.

  • Jensen

    I’m glad they respected the wishes of the family in releasing the name of who did it. That really should be up to them. They don’t need to worry about horrible things like this while they are in the midst of their grief.
    Jensen |

  • George Puzo

    I cannot believe someone would do that to poor Whitney. I am sure that all precautions were made to prevent measures like this. I can see now why they believe it was a family member who had leaked the photo since they were with her the most. I wonder if they will take any repercussions and if so what they would be. What do you guys think?

    George Puzo |

    • Dolores Brown

      It could’ve been a family member, but would they really do that sort of thing? I can imagine it must’ve been hard to keep the funeral a secret, and not let any photos leak. I definitely wouldn’t want that job.

  • alena mauer

    That is sad that someone would be disrespectful like that. Especially on a matter of this nature. People will do anything for money or a little attention.

    Alena |

  • Thiago

    It’s unfortunate that people can be so unfortunate. It’s good that the funeral director revealed this though. The more closure the better. That’s practically the funeral home’s job. Thiago |

  • darcywebb4545

    I be that Whitney went for a really nice funeral home. I think it would be pretty cool to do something like that for a living. It would feel good to help people like that.

  • Anita Mas

    That’s just sad. I don’t care if you’re famous or not. You should get respect even when you’re dead.

    Anita Mas |