Ne-Yo Does His Best To Keep His Daugther Off The Pole!!!

R&B star NE-YO says his main mission in life isn’t music, but making sure his children grow up the right way.

The singer says he and his baby mama MONYETTA SHAW were very picky when choosing a name for his children explaining he didn’t want to predestine their futures by giving them names that don’t command respect.

NE-YO says instead of  going with the normally weird extravagant names celebrities give their kids, he says he wanted 16-month-old Madilyn Grace and Mason Evan, 5 months, to grow up without being pre-judged.

when explaining how he chose Mason’s name.

“Mason Evan Smith, you have to respect that name. It’s a very strong, very stout name,”” he continued to tell People magazine, “We needed him to have a name that felt like a gentleman, like somebody you have to respect.”

“I’m not going to be that dude that predestines my children’s future. I’m just going to do my best so that my daughter doesn’t end up on a pole and my son doesn’t end up on the corner. And whatever they do outside of that is pretty much their decision.”


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