Teyana Taylor Gets Gully With A Stripper in Miami!!!

TEYANA TAYLOR is no stranger to throwing bows.

Over the weekend YBF reports the singer/rapper got into fight with a Miami stripper named SKRAWBERRY (Yes, Skrawberry O_o).

It all started when TAYLOR made a visit to King Of Diamonds stripblub where SKRAWBERRY is employed.   According to sources the stripper was jealous of all the attention TAYLOR was getting and began starting trouble.

That confrontation ended without a fight, but later in the evening while TAYLOR was at CLUB LIV with friends, SKRAWBERRY came over to “apologize,” but instead sucker punched  TAYLOR in the face.

Apparently it was the first and last hit the stripper got in, before TAYLOR laid SKAWBERRY out. 

All parties involved in the fiasco left the club with broken windows and property damage.
Get it together and #dobetter.



But that wasn’t all.  An hour later after the club fight, Teyana and Hazel-E got jumped by Skrawberry’s sister!

“Teyana and her crew were outside the Fontainebleau hotel, retrieving their belongings that were left inside club LIV from the first bout,” Hazel tells TheYBF.com. “All of a sudden, Skrawberry’s sister runs up behind Teyana and grabbed her hair. The ladies fell into the bushes by the window where two guys that were brawling busted through.”

Looks like two different fights contributed to the broken window seen below:


e tweeted about the situation: I can only RT. I can NOT discuss actions from last night :).

That was before she went on to call Teyana a “broke b*tch” and said she had more celeb credit than Teyana.



  • Elisa Jed

    That is funny. Call the window replacement , these chicks are crazy.

  • Jensen

    Wow, they are going to need to call a window repair company for the damages. I wonder who is going to have to pay for that. Seriously, get it together!

  • Alexi Davenport

    Good thing it didn’t get messy once they got to their cars, otherwise they would have to call an auto glass repair company. That would really be too far.

  • Garion Christophe

    My brother had to call window replacement in Colorado Springs once. He was working at a bar like this one, and some guys broke the window during a fight. How rude.

  • Anita Mas

    Yikes! People can be crazy. I hope it didn’t take them too long to fix all the damage. There might have been some physical damage as well and car damage.

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  • Courtney Galler

    That was seriously at least three broken windows. Calm yourselves, ladies. Your cat fight is going to cost you.

    Thank goodness there’s people you can call to fix those. http://clicktoimprove.com/windows.html