Video: Drake Does His Best Lil Wayne Impersonation!!!

While DRIZZY DRAKE was visiting London during the U.K. leg of his Club Paradise tour, DRAKE shared with everyone his uncanny talent of being able to do impersonations.

His skills in mimicry were put to the test in an interview with radio BBC radio personality Tim Westwood, who requested DRAKE imitate his Young Money boss LIL WAYNE.

DRAKE surprised us how well he pulled it off WEEZY voice and mannerisms, and said the secret was knowing WEEZY’s signature move.

“You always have to get how he goes from happy to serious within like .5 seconds, so he’ll be like ‘Ha ha, yeah shout out to Kobe,'” Drake said with a laugh, then dropped his voice, somberly. “‘But yeah, you know that’s my dog, um…’ That’s classic Wayne,” DRAKE admitted.

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