Beyoncé Gets Her ‘Tumblr’ On And Release Never Before Seen Photos!!!

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Word broke out yesterday that BEYONCÉ joined the ranks of thousands of picture-posting Tumblr users by creating her own account.

Celebrating her fourth anniversary with hubby JAY-Z, it was reported that BEY launched her own account for the momentous occasion. But yesterday, instead of seeing “intimate photos,” all visitors got was a blank, password protected page.

Not today, though! Beyonce.Tumblr.Com is up and running.

Although her “official tumblr,” really functions as a landing site for her newly designed website, we’re pretty sure it’s on its way to breaking some kind of record for its amount of followers.

For stans and the “inquisitive” alike, BEY’s Tumblr page is all-around fun.

Complete with plenty of pics of her on vacation, with JAY, and with her Blue Ivy Belly, her site is as special as it’s fun for browsing.

Check out our gallery now but be prepared for plenty of awwwws!