Bobby Kristina: ‘Only I Can Play My Mama’!!!

Everybody wants to be WHITNEY HOUSTON, or at least play the role of HOUSTON if her rumored biopic were ever to be made.
In the the months since WHITNEY HOUSTON‘s death more than a few stars have been rumored to play, or wantING to play WHITNEY in a future biopic.

However HOUSTON’s own daughter BOBBI KRISTINA, says she’s the obvious choice in playing the role of her mother.

According to TMZ BOBBI K, has revealed to friends that she would be the best to play the role, because no one knew her mother like she did.

While the film, which is currently being discussed by a number of studios, BOBBI K will be working on the TYLER PERRY’snewest series For Better Or Worse .

Do you think it’s to soon for BOBBI K to think about playing the role of her mother?

Would you see a HOUSTON biopic starring BOBBY K?