Coochie Carol: Brian McKnight’s Newest Track Causes An Uproar!!!

Singer BRIAN MCKNIGHT resurfaced from the 1990’s ashes and made a viral comeback last night in a way no one expected.

The R&B crooner decide to announce his newest project – an adult themed mixtape that focuses on content intended strictly for the bedroom.

To explain what kind of music MCKNIGHT envisioned, he played and performed a snippet of what could possibly be his first single, “Let Me Show You How Your Pu**y Works.”

The video has caused an outrage amongst those who look at the song as extremely degrading, while others believe it was something created for laughs, and are laughing.

MCKNIGHT took to his Twitter last night we he noticed his video was a worldwide trending topic to say, “This is what i had 2 do to get most of these ppl 2 even acknowledge me…”

The song includes the words squirt, pu**y, and we’ll let you watch the video for the rest.

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