Dezmon Briscoe’s Baby Mama Accuses Him of Cheating On Royce!!!

Celebrities should know when you fully disclose your private life, trouble is sure to follow.

After Basketball Wives star ROYCE REED put her relationship out there with Tampa Bay Buccaneers player DEZMON BRISCOE, his baby mother has fired shots at their relationship and accused him of cheating.

BRISCOE is said to have sent the mother of his child, Christina Nero, text messages asking her for sex and professing his love for her while currently in a relationship with REED.

The allegations started off as a Twitter rant by NERO when she viewed  the latest episode of BBW.

“I swear I almost threw up over watching bbw fake ass relationship,” baby momma CHRISTINA wrote on Twitter.

“In your 30 and your ass too Gullible #NotAGoodLookMa’m,” she continued, “You got your Ol Lady thinking she on Cloud 9 but I bet your ass if I where to send these text you sent me to her twitter it will be WRAP.”

ROYCE attempted to call her bluff by tweeting, “Hows Jr? Can’t wait to meet him! He’s getting so big,” to which Christina responded: “Lol he is good hun, thanks for asking since your “boyfriend” never does and as for meeting him I wouldn’t hold my breath if I was you.”

After shaming REED for not encouraging her man to see his son, CHRISTINA put her baby father text on blast for the world to see that included times, dates, and even DEZMON’s actual phone number.

Two of the most hurtful messages read, “I love you and Thank you. What would you say if I wanted to have sex with you again…I want to bend you over and spread your ass cheeks…”

Followed by a text that DEZMON asks CHRISTINA does she want it, and CHRISTINA responds, “What happened to Royce,” and he answers with “That’s so so not the topic Christina.”

ROYCE didn’t believe this though and claims CHRISTINA had her friend write the messages, and changed the name of the sender.