Did Chris Brown Buy Karrueche Tran A New Car???

CHRIS BROWN is sure to be celebrating grabbing his first UK #1 hit, for his single “Turn Up The Music.”

Wondering if he was in such a celebratory state, did he purchase his girlfriend a new car?

KARRUECHE TRAN and BROWN have been together for about year, and over the weekend she tweeted a picture of her sitting on top of new silver Porsche.

She captioned the photo saying, “Me and my new bitch.”

The car retails for an average of $173,00, and with all the drama surrounding him and their awkward love triangle that includes RIHANNA, a brand new car would be great way to say ‘I’m sorry,’ if in fact it was a gift from BREEZY.


  • Sharlethoustpn

    I don’t even know this girl!!

  • Andrew

    i love her this car is awesome im so glad they are together!!!!

  • Malone

    Dang, Gina. That is an expensive car. I knew a guy who scratched one and had to take it to a place that did auto body repair in Englewood, CO. They did a great job but it cost him a ton of money.

    • Anita Mas

      I bet it would cost a lot to fix it! You would probably need a specialist just to work on it. Then you’d have to get parts.

      Anita Mas | http://alanscollision.net

      • Marcus Fillion

        Yeah, there’s usually a lot of work that goes into maintaining such nice luxury vehicles. Of course, if you’re wealthy enough to buy one, then you probably have the funds to maintain it. Cars are a great investment that way.

        Marc | http://www.palmautomall.com

  • bill

    That is a nice car. I even know where I could go for computerized diagnostics in Colorado Springs, CO. I will take one please Chris Brown.

  • Sam

    I wonder if he needed to use a bad credit car dealer?

  • Cameron Carter

    What is the auto body in Cambridge like? Could I get cool cars like this there? Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Dolores Brown

      I wonder what she did with her old car. I’m sure it’s in pretty good shape. It would make for a great used car. I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who would buy it. I would love a used car that nice. http://www.gagelsautosales.com

  • Aaron Banks

    I wonder if he went to car dealers in Surrey for the car. That’s where I would go to purchase a car like that.

  • Earl Judds

    What a nice exotic car! In Houston TX my cousin loves collecting exotic cars. He would love this!

  • Luke

    The Porsche Panamera is such a great choice of car! They’re are so many awesome options out there for newer GMC trucks and SUVS.

  • Jensen

    Wow, $173,000 is a lot to pay for a car! I hope it was worth it to him. Though we may think celebrities have an endless supply of money, it does have to run out sometime. I think it depends on how long they are in the spotlight, and how popular they are while they’re there.
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    • Marcus Fillion

      At least a car is something long-lasting. If it starts to fail, that’s what auto mechanics are for. It’s more sad to me when celebrities blow their funds on things that fade immediately, like huge parties or clothes they only wear once.

      Marc | http://www.import-auto.com

  • Cambria Rhay

    I wouldn’t mind if someone bought me a new car! I see so many articles about celebrities crashing their cars that I would be hesitant to get such a nice one. I guess you could easily pay for any repairs though so it wouldn’t be a huge deal if you cracked a windshield or something. She is one lucky girl to get such a nice present! http://www.canautoglass.com/

    • Dolores Brown

      Wow! That is a really nice new car! I’ve always wanted to test drive a Porsche or any sports car, because I bet it’s a really smooth ride. It would be really awesome to just take a spin in a car like that. I hope she knows how blessed she is. http://www.excelcarthage.com

  • Aaron Carter

    This is crazy! I would have just bought her and old car and fixed it up. He must be rolling in the money.

    Aaron Carter | http://www.japshopinc.com/Transmission-Maintenance-Brake-Repair-Wilton_Manors-FL.html

    • Bob Strong

      He should have bought her a truck. I like the logic of buying a used one and fixing it up, but it just doesn’t compare to new vehicles. I would buy a Toyota Tundra if I were him. http://www.arrowtruck.com/docs/used-peterbilt-trucks.aspx

      • Aaron Carter

        Bob that’s whack. A truck is just a gas guzzler. I would go for something more green. Like a Prius, it would have the best accessories though. It would be the Holy Grail of Prius’.

  • Emily Merrell

    Wow that really is quite the purchase. She’s so lucky. The problem with getting a brand new car like that is her insurance rates are going to raise like crazy. But it would be worth it to get to drive that baby.
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  • Marcus Fillion

    I can’t even fathom buying someone a car that expensive. I guess when you have so much money, all the numbers are relative. There are lots of cheaper cars he could have done up fancy, though.

    Marc | http://www.bypassautobody.com

  • Edmond Vandergraff

    That Porsche is so beautiful. She must be the luckiest girl in the world to be dating someone like Chris. With a car that nice it’s going to be a long time before she needs an auto body repair on it. http://www.lousautobody.com/About_Us.html

  • Talmage Dangerfield

    A friend of mine bought an old Porsche that he wants to restore. It is an old 1980 model, and doesn’t have a very good paint job, but it could look amazing with a little bit of work. I wonder if he’ll be able to get it to look as great as this Porsche that Chris bought for Karrueche. http://www.tlcautodetail.com/

    • Emily Merrell

      I bet that you could get it looking that nice. The nicer the car though, the more expensive the auto insurance. I bet that that wouldn’t be a problem for Christ Brown though. It pays off to be prepared. http://www.breitweiserinsurance.net

  • Dolores Brown

    I wonder if it’s more expensive to repair European cars. It seems like it would, because you have to get it repaired at a foreign cars auto shop. I guess he has enough money to fix the car however he wants, though. http://www.centralpaautobody.com

    • Marcus Fillion

      I agree, he probably has the money to bring the parts and even the mechanics to the States if he needs to. It’s a really nice car, and any repair job with it would be worth the effort. One of these days I’ll have enough for a car like that.

      Marc | http://www.buyherepayhereorlando.com

  • Tony De Azevedo

    She is so lucky that her boyfriend bought her such an awesome car. I don’t think that I could ever afford that car, let alone get one for a girl that I like. I hope that she takes really great care of a beauty like that. http://nationwide-nissan.com

  • Marcus Fillion

    I wonder how he bought such a nice car. Hasn’t he been in some legal trouble lately? I guess he still has the finances to buy a car like this. Maybe he took out a loan.
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  • Lars Melger

    I’d love to get a new car like that! I’d love to see if I could handle the speed, power and coasting distance. I’m a coaster though and a cheap-scape when it comes to gas so I’d probably not drive it as much. http://www.bakerbearing.com

  • http://www.vegainsurancetampa.com/autoinsurance.html Avery Gardel

    Wow, that’s a nice car. I wish I could afford something like that for my girlfriend. I wonder what the auto insurance is, though. I bet I’m paying a lot less than him.

  • Calvin James

    That thing is beautiful! Hopefully she drives it right! To many celebrities total their nice cars. Makes me want to buy one and fix it up! http://www.atlantictireonline.com/Services/Mobile-Division/

  • http://www.eurobahnm.com/ Anthony

    Wow. What a way to say I’m sorry. Guess we can all take notes from such a great gift. Next time I need to say “I’m sorry” I’m going to visit Porsche Greensboro.

  • Trevor Smith

    Wow, that is so awesome that he bought her such a beautiful car. I hope that she finds a good garage or other place to store that car. You don’t want to leave a beauty like that out in the open. http://thestorehousewatertown.com/

  • kcompars

    I would love to get a gift like that for my birthday. It is such a nice car, what a lucky girl. I hope they know of a good place that they can go to get it detailed at. http://epicmobiledetailing.com

  • Emily Merrell

    I agree with you guys, that is such an awesome gift. I bet that buying a brand new Porsche is going to make their insurance rates go way up. I hope that they’re able to take good care of that car. It may be tempting to drive extra fast in that car, but I hope that they’re able to stay safe. http://www.biglowins.com/PERSONAL_INSURANCE