Did Chris Brown Buy Karrueche Tran A New Car???

CHRIS BROWN is sure to be celebrating grabbing his first UK #1 hit, for his single “Turn Up The Music.”

Wondering if he was in such a celebratory state, did he purchase his girlfriend a new car?

KARRUECHE TRAN and BROWN have been together for about year, and over the weekend she tweeted a picture of her sitting on top of new silver Porsche.

She captioned the photo saying, “Me and my new bitch.”

The car retails for an average of $173,00, and with all the drama surrounding him and their awkward love triangle that includes RIHANNA, a brand new car would be great way to say ‘I’m sorry,’ if in fact it was a gift from BREEZY.


  • Sharlethoustpn

    I don’t even know this girl!!

  • Andrew

    i love her this car is awesome im so glad they are together!!!!

  • Malone

    Dang, Gina. That is an expensive car. I knew a guy who scratched one and had to take it to a place that did auto body repair in Englewood, CO. They did a great job but it cost him a ton of money.

  • bill

    That is a nice car. I even know where I could go for computerized diagnostics in Colorado Springs, CO. I will take one please Chris Brown.

  • Sam

    I wonder if he needed to use a bad credit car dealer?

  • Cameron Carter

    What is the auto body in Cambridge like? Could I get cool cars like this there? Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Aaron Banks

    I wonder if he went to car dealers in Surrey for the car. That’s where I would go to purchase a car like that.

  • Earl Judds

    What a nice exotic car! In Houston TX my cousin loves collecting exotic cars. He would love this!

  • Luke

    The Porsche Panamera is such a great choice of car! They’re are so many awesome options out there for newer GMC trucks and SUVS.

  • Jensen

    Wow, $173,000 is a lot to pay for a car! I hope it was worth it to him. Though we may think celebrities have an endless supply of money, it does have to run out sometime. I think it depends on how long they are in the spotlight, and how popular they are while they’re there.
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  • Cambria Rhay

    I wouldn’t mind if someone bought me a new car! I see so many articles about celebrities crashing their cars that I would be hesitant to get such a nice one. I guess you could easily pay for any repairs though so it wouldn’t be a huge deal if you cracked a windshield or something. She is one lucky girl to get such a nice present! http://www.canautoglass.com/

  • Aaron Carter

    This is crazy! I would have just bought her and old car and fixed it up. He must be rolling in the money.

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