Jennifer Hudson Breaks Down While Seeking Justice…

It is hard to believe that four years has passed since the murder of JENNIFER HUDSON‘s family.

Yesterday marked the first day of the trail for WILLIAM BALFOUR, the suspect accused of the triple-murder of HUDSON’s mother, brother and 7-year old nephew.

A strong HUDSON was called to testify against BALFOUR, who had dated HUDSON’s sister JULIA HUDSON in the past against the family’s wishes.

On stand HUDSON stated that she never liked BALFOUR and made it a point to keep her distance, “Where he was, I tried not to be. So if I saw him, I separated myself.”

With all her strength on stand, it wasn’t until the prosecutor handed her a picture of her mother and about the last time she saw her family that HUDSON broke down in tears.

BALFOUR has pleaded not guilty, therefore the trail is set to continue.

Our prayers go out to JENNIFER and we hope that her family sees the justice they deserve.